Pivot Audio Crafts Poignant Music for Gatorade’s “Sisters in Sweat”

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Los Angeles-based boutique audio facility Pivot Audio was recently tapped by TBWA\Chiat\Day to craft the perfect music to accompany the intimate yet powerful Gatorade spot “Sisters in Sweat,” starring Serena Williams and directed by Jaci Judelson of Tool of North America. In the spot, Williams speaks a message to her newborn daughter that is at once personal and universal, inspiring young female athletes everywhere to keep playing.

Led by music producer Guy Amitai, Pivot Audio designed a subtle lullaby-style version of Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” to match the spot's intimate mother/daughter message and further underscore the theme of female empowerment. Amitai sought out a singer who would sound like a typical woman humming a lullaby to her daughter, rather than a polished professional singer. The stripped-down track was arranged by Roma Otto and recorded by Dana Winter at Pivot Audio.

“This project held a special importance for me as a father of a young girl with another one on the way,” shared Amitai. “The message was so touching and really struck a chord. With our exceptional female composer and musician duo of Roma and Dana leading the way, a stellar song as our basis, and great clients to collaborate with, this was a memorable project and we’re honored to have contributed.”


About Pivot Audio

Pivot Audio writes and produces original music for the moving picture. Based in Los Angeles and Amsterdam, Pivot works with advertisers and filmmakers to create the perfect sound for creative projects of all shapes and sizes. To date Pivot has completed hundreds of projects for the world’s top directors, advertising agencies, and brands. http://www.pivotaudio.com

Music Production and Sound Design: Pivot Audio
Executive Producers: Neil Devlin, Jonas Holst
Music Producer: Guy Amitai
Vocals: Dana Winter
Arrangement: Roma Otto
Sound Designer: Lawrence Horne


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