Picturemill Creates Opening Title Sequences for AMC's "Preacher" and "Feed the Beast"

Picturemill is the Content and Production Division of Eclipse Advertising
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Burbank, CA, July 21, 2016 – Picturemill, the Content and Production division of Eclipse Advertising, recently created opening sequences for two new, high profile AMC television series.

Led by Creative Director William Lebeda, Picturemill recently created the main opening title sequences for two of AMC’s new television series, Preacher and Feed the Beast.  As longtime fans of the comic book Preacher, Lebeda and his Picturemill team were thrilled to be involved in the series open for the new AMC series.

As described by io9.com, the Picturemill-created main title sequence is “strange and unsettling, but it’s also kind of perfect at the same time."

For AMC’s new drama series Feed the Beast, Picturemill worked closely with show creator and Executive Producer Clyde Phillips to craft an opening sequence that captures the incongruity of opening a fine dining restaurant in the Bronx. For the sequence, William Lebeda directed the on-location shoot in New York City and the team digitally composited the elegant dining table within the rough and gritty environment of the Bronx. Picturemill also designed and animated the compelling “wolf and lamb” logo, which has branded the show both on and off-air. 

Steve Greene of Indiewire.com has raved that this sequence is an "insightful, artful, and straight-up cool take on NY gentrification via food culture.”

Said Clyde Philips, “Feed the Beast” Executive Producer/Showrunner, “A great collaboration… stunning work.”

Additionally, William Lebeda was recently a featured panelist on PromaxBDA 2016’s session “Art of Main Title Design.” Lebeda joined several of his industry peers, and discussed how designers are tasked with capturing the essence of a television program and set the tone of the series through a main title sequence.  

Lebeda and Picturemill designer Cecilia DeJesus presented their work for both seasons of Fox’s psychological thriller series, Wayward Pines.


Founded in 1995, Picturemill is an award-winning, motion graphics and visual design company that joined Eclipse Advertising as their Content and Production division in 2015.

Picturemill is renowned for having designed more than 300 feature film main titles and television show openings.  Those include: The BigShort, Panic Room,Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Terminator Genisys, The Angry BirdsMovie, The Big Bang Theory, Hawaii Five-O, Wayward Pines, Preacher, and Feed the Beast.

Also known for creating iconic Branding content, Picturemill additionally created the National Football League copyright logo, which reaches more than 20 million viewers during their live telecasts. Please see: http://picturemill.com/


Currently celebrating its 15-year anniversary, Eclipse is an award-winning, full-service creative and marketing agency, driven by creative storytelling, brand strategy, visual design, and digital innovation.

Among the agency’s clients are Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Amazon Digital Games, DreamWorks, NFL, Fox Sports, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, DreamWorks Animation, NBC, ABC Family, Ubisoft, IMAX, CW Network and NCSoft. 

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