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Perception Goes Green

Perception teamed up once again with Marvel Studios to design, animate and direct a title sequence for their long-awaited animated feature Planet Hulk. Challenged with the task of creating the story of the film without giving away key plotlines, Perception wanted to add their own creative flair while still capturing the spirit of one of Marvel’s most iconic characters, the Incredible Hulk.

“The main title for this movie is amazing, and it’s entirely to the credit of Perception, the company that developed it and created it,� said Joshua Fine, Supervising Producer at Marvel. “They went above and beyond on this main title sequence and had so many great ideas that we just loved everything that they threw at us.�

Perception crafted a fully animated CG environment and incorporated diverse design elements in the cave world including sand particles, liquid simulation and photo reel plant growth. Additional “Easter eggs� were included in the animation to allude to key plot elements in the feature.

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with Marvel, who gave us license to reconstruct their universe in our own vision,â€? said Perception’s Associate Creative Director John LePore. “Our decision to illustrate plot points as living cave paintings allowed us to use the title sequence to contextualize the film as a moment in another world’s history, lending an epic scope to Planet Hulk.”

Check out the full title sequence HERE!