People Shine In New Target & Oregon Lottery Campaigns Directed By Kamp Grizzly

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Following its recent signing news with Wild Plum for national commercial representation, and an integrated TV & digital campaign for adidas Originals, Kamp Grizzly has just completed projects for Target and Oregon Lottery.

Target "Drink"

For the back-to-college Target online campaign, running on Hulu and YouTube pre-roll, hilarious scenarios play out in five :15 spots. In ”Drink,” three male roomies enjoy a lazy afternoon in front of the TV. One leaps off the couch and turns on the kitchen faucet. Skillfully resting his head on the dish sponge, he proceeds to gulp thirstily from the faucet. Colorful motion graphics “Room Essentials Tumblers 2-Pack $1.99” pop up in the bottom right corner before seguing into the Target bullseye logo and end tag: “everything you need for college.” To view the Target spots, please visit:

Created by Wieden + Kennedy, Kamp Grizzly wanted to showcase the actors’ performances without requiring visual flair or animation. In addition, Kamp Grizzly executed banner campaigns, takeovers, social media and mobile elements. “This was a really fun project,” says Dan Portrait, Kamp Grizzly Owner/CD/Director. “We came up from the digital world so we understood how to make this concept work. Many projects in our portfolio are appropriate for this exact audience. It was such a great fit for us. The scripts from Wieden were simple, funny and brilliant. Our goal was to stay authentic to the college experience.” “When a client comes to us and says they want TV, online and mobile, we’re uniquely positioned to handle all of it in-house,” adds Jeff Harding, Kamp Grizzly Executive Producer. “They don’t have to deal with multiple vendors. We convinced Wieden and Target to shoot the campaign in Portland, which was such an advantage. Working here allowed us certain abilities to breathe.” To promote Oregon Lottery’s Reality TV Scratches, “Winavator” is a quirky marriage of “America’s Got Talent,” “Jackass” and “Trigger Happy TV.” Unsuspecting participants enter an elevator and into the “Winavator,” a game world of possibilities in a steel box. A host, played by Portland comedian Ian Karmel, greets (and shocks) people and gets them to engage in silly hidden-camera scenarios, such as cycling furiously on a stationary bike while squirting cheese from a can or bashing an inflatable clown bop bag. To view “Winavator,” please go to:

Kamp Grizzly is well versed in shooting live scenarios and finding real reactions having previously worked on a hidden camera shoot for Dodge. In the same way, “Winavator” required putting an infrastructure in place that would allow Kamp Grizzly to monitor what’s happening inside and wait for the fun to happen naturally. The crew shot in four different elevators throughout Portland over the course of two days, including Portland State Campus, Rose Quarter arena, a local parking garage and a retro futuristic elevator in Oregon City. “Hidden camera is always a lot of fun,” concludes Portrait. “Truth is stranger than fiction and we always look forward to seeing how real life plays out in our cameras.” TARGET CREDITS Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Copywriters: Darcie Burrel & Jarrod Higgins Account Executive: Margaret Kendall Interactive Producer: Tricia Huetig Creative Directors: Don Shelford & Rob Thompson Product Producers: Jennifer Hundis & Katie Reardon Production Company: Kamp Grizzly Director: Dan Portrait Executive Producer: Jeff Harding Producer: Neil Kopp DP: Greg Schmitt Editor: Jared Evans OREGON LOTTERY CREDITS Agency: Borders Perrin Norrander Creative Director: Terry Schneider Copywriter: John Heinsma Agency Producer: Scott Fox Account Supervisor: Loralee Stapleton Production Company: Kamp Grizzly Director: Dan Portrait Executive Producer: Jeff Harding Editor: Jared Evans

About Wild Plum:

Boutique production house Wild Plum was founded in 2007 by industry veterans Shelby Sexton and Alisa Allen. Sexton, executive producer, and Allen, CFO, boast over two decades of combined experience, both having extended stints at the renowned Plum Productions. Based in the heart of Venice, Wild Plum handles some of today's most exciting directorial talent and is dedicated to producing not only traditional commercials, but also new creative content in the fast-paced and ever-changing production industry. Its roster currently includes Kamp Grizzly, Kieran Walsh, Ericson Core, Shane Drake, Mike Goubeaux, and Jan De Bont. Recent projects include a PSA campaign for The Meth Project with Director Darren Aronofsky, Paramore’s “Monster” music video directed by Shane Drake, Dial’s “Oath” commercial helmed by Ericson Core, and its eight season of branded content for “American Idol” and Ford.



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