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Pablo finishes Dimension 3 award-winning 3D movie ‘La 3ème Voie’

Paris Stereo3D experts FlyingS3D make the grade with Quantel

French S3D short film ‘La 3ème Voie’ (‘The Third Way’), winner of the judges’ ‘Coup de Coeur’ (‘Love at First Sight’) Award at the recent Dimension 3 International S3D Festival in Paris, was finished on a Quantel Pablo 4K by Paris-based Stereo3D house FlyingS3D.

The 27-minute film, directed by Jean-Michel Tari for Kafard Films, is a tense police thriller. It was shot using SI2K cameras by French DOPs Paul-Anthony Mille and stereographer Alexandre Saudinos. Pierre Sudre, colorist and S3D artist at FlyingS3D, then conformed the SI2K files on Pablo.

“We then started the stereo correction process and color auto-balancing with the stereographer,” says Sudre. “Since the VFX were done in parallel on Nuke, we were able to integrate these day-by-day on the Pablo in order to check the results projected on the big screen in our suite. Even if we had already completed all the S3D correction and color balancing, the Pablo’s editing tools make it easy to drop new shots in and simply reapply all the settings we have already defined.”

“We did the grading in context while keeping the ability to modify the stereo settings. With Pablo nothing’s committed until the very end of the job which makes it a very flexible and client-friendly place to finish, whether in 2D or 3D,” Sudre adds. “Finally, we integrated the start and end credits and did the subtitles and audio, then output all the deliverables – all in the Pablo. It was the hub for the whole job, which we completed in just six days start to finish. I don’t think we could have achieved such a great result in such a short time on any other system.”


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