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Over 150 Industry Professionals Attend First Annual 3D Advertising Summit at Kerner Studios in San Rafael, CA

San Rafael, CA, May 17, 2011 – There was nothing “unlucky” about Kerner Studios First Annual 3D Advertising Summit which was held on Friday the 13th. Over 150 industry professionals turned out to hear all about the impact of 3D on commercial production from some of the most experienced practitioners in the business.

(CLICK on Photo at right to ENLARGE, Left to Right: Grant Anderson, John Nicolard, Michael Ching, Paul Grimshaw, Greg Maloney, Tim Partridge, Dave Gregory. Photo courtesy Martin Backhauss)

The summit was kicked of with Kerner CEO Eric Edmeades explaining why the studio was hosting the event. “With the ever increasing advance of the 3D format, now is the time for the Bay Area advertising community to claim its place as a leader in 3D commercials production,” he proclaimed.

Attendees were then briefed as to the current state of 3D Advertising in the Cinema by Tony McIlwain, VP at Screenvision, and about the basics of how people “see 3D” by Keith Vidger of Sony Electronics, Inc. Next up to speak were noted Stereographers Grant Anderson, instructor at Sony 3D Technology Center, and Dave Gregory, an independent filmmaker, both of whom explained how to prepare for — and then execute — good 3D shots and how to best avoid the mistakes that can cause eye fatigue for viewers.

The morning wrapped with an opportunity for attendees to get some “hands on” experience with three types of 3D rig camera systems: A side by side Element Technica rig; A beamsplitter Kernercam 3D rig, and a Panasonic single body 3D camera.

The afternoon sessions focused on post production techniques, as Paul Grimshaw of Spy explained the impact of 3D on post, and Greg Maloney of Stereobox explained how 2D to 3D conversion works. These talks were followed by Michael Ching of Grantave Productions and John Nicolard of Fotokem, who shared their experiences on actual 3D projects, so that delegates could avoid certain pitfalls themselves.

The formal part of the day ended with the opportunity for attendees to ask questions of all the presenters in a panel discussion, Q and A format. Following this, the attendees enjoyed a post event reception, as business cards were exchanged and relationships were formed.

Tim Partridge, President of the Kerner Entertainment Group, and the Kerner “host” for the day, summed up the event. “I could not have been more pleased with how this summit went. Our presenters shared an incredible amount of information from their own experiences, and the turn out was far better than we even had hoped for. The attendees included noted stereographers, camera crew, directors, producers and ad agency staff members, primarily based in Northern California, but we also had several folks from LA and out of state. There is clearly a need for these kinds of programs to exist and proliferate, and we hope to be able to repeat this one again next year.”


The Kerner Group is comprised of a number of exciting creative companies and divisions. The company’s Kerner 3D Technologies group is positioned to be a leader in the area of 3-D production and technological expertise, with facilities, expertise, and the company’s unique Kernercam KC 7000 3D Rig, that afford unparalleled opportunities to content creators across the entire media spectrum. In addition to its list of entertainment industry clients, The Kerner Group’s KernerWorks unit also counts among its client base corporations large and small, and private sector contractors. For these clients, the company provides a variety of problem solving, applied research and prototyping services.

The Kerner Group is located at 90 Windward Way, San Rafael, CA, 94901. The phone is 415/448-2000. For more information, please visit the company’s website: