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New York, NY -- (February 27, 2008) – The creative team at Outside was called on to provide editorial, graphics and color for the exciting new Spring ’08 re-launch campaign for popular retailer Old Navy. Working closely with Old Navy’s VP of Marketing/Creative Director Landis Smithers, as well as ad agency Chandelier, the four-spot campaign was unveiled on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) with the launch of the 60-second “Urban Explorer,� as well as two 30-second versions of the same spot. The additional three commercials will be rolled out between now and May ’08. To view the new spot, go to:


For “Urban Explorer,� Outside provided editorial via Jeff Ferruzzo, graphics by Jaime Lamond and color by Alex Bickel. The first of four commercials, shot on location in Buenos Aires, the :30 and :60 versions will be seen on the air, while extended versions (up to 2 or 3 minutes in length--called Episodes 1-4) can be viewed at the Old Navy website:



“I couldn't have asked for a more collaborative experience,� says Landis Smithers. "From the beginning, we knew we needed partners who could not just bring us a new way of telling a story, but a new face for our film and graphics. Outside was there with us every step of the way, not just executing, but surprising us at every step. Their work is truly world-class, and, perhaps more importantly, they are freaking fun to work with." For Outside Editor Jeff Ferruzzo, there were many highlights to this new Old Navy campaign. Ferruzzo, Lamond and Outside Executive Producer Sila Soyer all flew down to Buenos Aires for the production phase of the project. Via their laptops, Ferruzzo edited the footage using Apple Final Cut and Lamond added graphics using AfterEffects. In addition, they were excited to work with feature film DP Darius Khondji, shooting on the Red Camera, a highly anticipated Hi-Def digital camera, capable of recording resolutions up to 4K. The spots were also directed by Old Navy’s Landis Smithers. “Chandelier and Old Navy got us involved well before the shoot, which allowed us to do some in-depth graphics exploration, as well as establish a seamless workflow with the RED camera files,� notes Jeff Ferruzzo. “It also really helped to be down there during the pre-pro and on-set at the beginning of the shoot. I was able to spend time with Landis and get a clear feel and idea as to what he was going for. The entire process was very collaborative from the get-go, and I think it was our getting to work as a very close knit team with Old Navy and Chandelier which really helped realize the fullest potential of the spots." “These four films are very unique,� adds Outside’s Jaime Lamond, “because the clients at Old Navy and Chandelier really created a world for these characters to exist in. We were given very clear guidelines in terms of the graphics. But we incorporated a look that helped to propel story and character. As long as we hit some very key story points, we were given a great deal of creative freedom which was very rewarding.� Outside’s award-winning editor Neil Gust provided editorial for the Old Navy spot “Road Trip,� which will air later this spring. Credits: Client: Old Navy Spot Titles: “Urban Explorer� 2-3 min, :60, :30 “Pattern Play� 2-3 min, :60, :30 “Road Trip� 2-3 min, :60, :30 “Neon Nights� 2-3 min, :60, :30 Advertising Agency: Old Navy Marketing/San Francisco/California and Chandelier Creative/ New York/NY VP Marketing/Creative Director: Landis Smithers Sr. Director Broadcast/Exec. Producer: Connie Bang Art Director: Richard Christiansen Associate Producer: Sara Fisher Production Company: Supply and Demand/LA & Film Planet/ Buenos Aires/ Argentina Director: Landis Smithers Executive Producer/S&D: Kira Carstensen Executive Producer/Film Planet: Karin Stuckenschmidt Line Producer/Film Planet: Juan Legnani Pemoff Production Supervisor: Michael Manacop Cinematographer: Darius Khondji RED Camera Tech: Michael Mansouri HD Tech: Tadd Sackville-West Where shot: Buenos Aires/Argentina Editorial Company: Outside Editorial/New York /NY Editor: Jeff Ferruzzo Senior Cutting Assistant/Technical Advisor: Jerome Wilson Assistant Editor: Erik Emond Postproduction Company: Outside Editorial/New York /NY Colorist: Alex Bickel Online: J.Matthew Jacob Graphics/Animation Company: Outside Editorial/New York/NY Graphics/animation: Jaime Lamond Audio Post: Berwyn Audio/New York/NY Audio Engineer: Eric Thompson Music Production Company: Media Creature Executive Producer: Sharal Churchill Outside Editorial is an independent postproduction boutique based in Soho, offering advertising agencies a world-class, collaborative roster of editorial and design talent, cutting edge technology, and exceptional client services. Its client roster includes such prestigious companies as Jaguar, Kraft, Verizon Business, Volvo, Schering-Plough, and Bluefly.com, to name a few.




IP Showcase at 2019 NAB Show Highlights Advances in Technology and Deployment of IP for Media

The IP Showcase has become a must-see exhibit for anyone deploying IP technology for real-time broadcast. Once again it is sponsored by major technical and standards organizations within the broadcast industry — Audio Engineering Society (AES), Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®), and Video Services Forum (VSF).


Hawk-woods launches first portable power solution for 48-volt cinema lighting

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