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Open Television Network Unveils New RSS-Driven Online Video Marketplace; Provides Compelling Alternative to Ad-Driven Online Video Model

Unique ‘klickTab’ Micro-Payment Technology Enables Content Owners to Generate Revenue While Creating Simple, Convenient Way for End Users to Build Custom, Program-Specific Channels LOS ANGELES, CA (January 23, 2008) – Open Television Network (

) debuted today, presenting an entirely fresh approach to creating an unmediated online video marketplace between content owners/creators and consumers. With the Open Television Network, consumers will be able to create program-centric custom channels with content paid for through Open Television Network’s unique new klickTab RSS-payment technology, also debuting today. For content owners/creators, the Open Television Network provides a compelling RSS-driven model for generating revenue for their content. klickTab is a proprietary new micro-payment technology that allows content owners and consumers to create customized channels that feed to any device supporting standard Real Simple Syndication (RSS) technology. klickTab handles all the transaction recording, including the request for serving a media enclosure, within any standard RSS aggregator. “There have been many attempts to resolve the Internet video and audio content distribution issue, but no one has been able to combine open standards for channel building with an appropriate, simple and convenient payment system. That’s why we started the Open Television Network,� said Philip Hodgetts, president and co-founder of the Open Television Network. “The Open Television Network is not a video sharing space to compete with YouTube, rather, it is an online video marketplace where new producers can expand online video choices by offering new and original programming alternatives that would otherwise have to be distributed at no charge. Content owners are compensated for their programming while poorly executed online advertising that interferes with consumers’ online viewing experience is eliminated.� RSS: Building on a Proven Technology Open Television Network is built on proven RSS technology that powers millions of blogs, hundreds of thousands of audio podcasts and tens of thousands of video podcasts worldwide. RSS feeds point to media objects – audio and video – and not web pages, so once users subscribe to a feed, new items are added to that feed automatically and whenever the feed is refreshed. Consumers are constantly fed shows that match their viewing preferences. Open Television Network’s klickTab technology builds on the proven foundation of RSS with an additional commercially viable factor: the ability to download requests for a media file as a purchase into a database, while delivering the appropriate file to the consumer. While the use of RSS as a delivery mechanism is common, Open Television Network is the only provider with the technology to monetize the medium. Phased Roll Out The Open Television Network will roll out its services in a phased approach, with phase 1 – launching today -- emphasizing the availability of klickTab for content owners to create channel feeds. These feeds will be available through a program directory on the Open Television Network website as well as on their own sites. During this phase, Open Television Network will build a library of content, with content owners providing trailers presented in the channel feeds enabling consumers to preview content before purchasing. Phase two will include the launch of Open Television Networks Application Programming Interface (API) and Affiliate Tracking program. As a result of this phase, third parties will be able to embed Open Television Network channel feeds into social networking sites, such as MySpace and FaceBook, and within their own sites, enabling them to earn affiliate commissions for themselves. Phase two will become available in the summer of 2008. Additional details will be announced at that time. About Open Television Network The Open Television Network is a fresh new online video marketplace where content owners and producers can promote, sell and grow new markets for online programming and where viewers can create custom channels of content, with channel feeds customized to their personal preferences. The Open Television Network provides the world’s first and only environment that facilitates a direct connection between content producers and viewers in an open, unmediated online video marketplace. For more information on the Open Television Network and its klickTab RSS-payment technology, please visit




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