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Oddball Film+Video Acquires 1950s Home Movies, Licenses Footage for “Beginners�, Provides Visual Projections for Sufjan Stevens.

Oddball Film+Video, the leading provider of offbeat and unusual stock footage, has recently acquired 1950s home movies along with vintage cigarette and liquor commercials. Oddball’s quirky collection features over 50,000+ 35mm, 16mm and HD historical and contemporary clips in all genres. Oddball’s recent projects include licensing footage for Channel 4 TV documentary “Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall,� providing footage for Mike Mill’s feature film “Beginners� which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2010, and supplying unique clips for controversial eco-documentary “Cool It� directed by Sundance winner Ondi Timoner. We also provided unique footage for singer Sufjan Stevens’s “Age of Adz� tour. Recent Acquisitions Oddball Film+Video has acquired a unique collection of 1950s home movies featuring American oil exploration in Saudi Arabia along with a collection of vintage 1950s liquor and cigarette commercials. Oddball has also discovered rare color archival footage of the Golden Gate Bridge being built! Recent Projects Oddball Film+Video supplied archival golf clips along with footage of shell-shocked WWII soldiers for Channel 4 TV documentary “Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall.� This television program which aired in the UK, aimed to tell the story behind the iconic sportsman’s sex scandal which shook the media headlines. Oddball licensed Harvey Milk footage along with historical LGBT clips for “Thumbsucker� director Mike Mill’s feature film “Beginners� starring Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer. This humoristic independent drama which portrays the intricacies of a father and son relationship, is to be released in June 2011. Oddball Film+Video provided footage of the oil industry, children in winter clothes and a man shoveling snow for the ‘eco’ documentary film “Cool It� which is set to be released in November this year. This controversial documentary by Sundance award-winning director Ondi Timoner, offers an alternative approach to global warning and is set to dispute the content of 2006 Oscar-winning documentary “The Inconvenient Truth.� Oddball was pleased to offer unusual clips of crystals and people jumping on trampolines which were used as visual projections for Sufjan Stevens’s “Age of Adz� tour. The singer recently performed at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, CA. Oddball’s Eclectic Film Screenings Oddball Films, the film component of Oddball Film+Video, presents an offbeat and enticing weekly cinema series featuring eclectic film programs such as their monthly “Strange Sinema� screenings which showcase oddities from the archives such as new finds, buried junk and rarely seen films. “Crazy Cats� featuring kitty clips and feline flicks and “The Lit Show� presenting a celebration of song, cinema and literature, are amongst the quirky programs which have been presented to our avid audiences. Oddball Films also had the rare opportunity to present a new installment in the innovative interview-based series MESS (Media Ecology Soul Salon) featuring American troublemaker and culture jammer, John Law. Los Angeles media artist and curator Gerry Fialka interviewed Law in person on the Oddball Cine Stage, with video excerpts from Law’s career as nuisance. Check out our latest PR Blast:


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Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance (IDEA) to Create Specifications for Next-Gen Immersive Media, Including Light Field Technology

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