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NYC Creative Editorial Shop Hooligan Unveils New Blog: Hooligan+

NYC creative editorial shop


has launched Hooligan+ (

) a new blog dedicated to the exploration of art and storytelling from a film editor’s perspective. Hooligan+ will examine editing, the “invisible art,” by sharing creative inspiration and the various art forms that influence the minds behind Hooligan, from film and design, to street art, music and more. The blog also aspires to become a hub for the exchange of ideas and inspiration for the entire spectrum of creatives and artists.

“We’re blessed to work with some of the best in advertising and production, so we’re excited to offer the blogosphere an alternative in-depth perspective on our craft as editors,” remarks Hooligan Senior Editor Barney Miller. “The pedigree of our work and who we are goes beyond simply screening our reel; it stems from the artist culture and creative appetite of our staff across the board — that’s what the ‘+’ is all about, a little something extra about what makes us tick as artists and, hopefully, in the greater scheme, a unique platform to foster an arts dialogue with our creative peers in the industry and beyond.”

About Hooligan

We are an artist-run coalition of award-winning editorial, graphic design and director talent. We launched in 2011, rallying some of the industry’s top editorial boutiques under one roof. Located at NYC’s Union Square, our stomping grounds are in the heart of the creative advertising world. Built around exceptional talent and experience, our manifesto is based on clean, old-fashioned loyalty to our clients. Collaborating with acclaimed directors, agency and network clients, our editors have propelled an array of notable commercial campaigns, music videos and film projects. From Madison Ave. to Park City, we’ve garnered a trophy case full of Addy, AICP, Gold Lion, AICE, Loerie, MTV VMA and Sundance honors, among countless others. As Hooligan, you’d guess we stole it all, but the fact is we earned it by knowing what it takes to make our client’s creative vision work. Call us fanatics, zealots, hell, call us Hooligan because, plain and simple, we fight for you.