Nola's Chris Hartwill on the Offensive for UAE Armed Forces

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A golden desert panorama, silent F-16 fighter jets, a placid sea. Suddenly, a giant, surreal sand tsunami is rising over the horizon, and the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces launch. The footage then toggles back and forth between a high-tech command center and a fusillade of furious weaponry: F-16s, battle ships, tanks, armored jeeps, and helicopters. Soldiers swarm from aircraft, seacraft and by land. In the end, the force is overwhelming - the menacing desert tidal wave sinks harmlessly into the earth.

This is the latest handiwork from Nola Pictures Director Chris Hartwill, who teamed up with Eye Squad, Dubai to showcase the fighting power of this uprising nation.

"The commercial portrays UAE's armed forces as the highly sophisticated, modern, well equipped, technologically state of the art, premier fighting force that they are," noted Nola EP Charlie Curran. "Chris Hartwill delivered just that, bringing all his knowledge, talent and experience to the table to produce an incredible spot. He is a complete filmmaker, a director who knows how to get things done, leading his clients and crew with confidence and vision."

Such a wild shoot is sure to have some wild stories behind it. The best line heard at pre-production, according to Hartwill, "Chris, how many F-16s would you like, and where would you like us to park them?"

UAE Armed Forces
UAE Armed Forces
UAE Armed Forces

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Client: UAE Armed Forces

Spot Title:

Wrath of the Storm

Air Date: June 2011

Agency: Polkadot, UAE

Creative Director: Pia Abou Jaoudeh

Agency Producer: Joyce Amm

Production Company: Eye Squad, UAE

Executive Producer: Omar Sami

Producer: Hermann Meingast

DP: Franco Paroni

Director: Chris Hartwill

Production Company: Nola Pictures (North American Representation)

EP: Charlie Curran

Editorial: Optix Digital Pictures, UAE

Editors: David Zavadescu (Optix Digital Pictures, UAE), Pawel Kseizopolski (Smoke & Mirrors, UK)

Post: Smoke & Mirrors, UK

Artist: Tony Lawrence

Telecine: Smoke & Mirrors, UK

Shoot Location: UAE

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