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Nola Touches All the Right Buttons in BancorpSouth Campaign

BancorpSouth – dependable, strong, technologically savvy. That’s the message in a unique four-spot campaign produced, edited and finished by Nola Pictures, with Creative Director Juan Delcan at the helm.

Each spot is set against a black screen and details why BancorpSouth is the perfect financial sidekick for them. Their hands appear over the screen, darting about, grabbing images, graphs, charts and videos, which constantly evolve into ever-more-complex multimedia displays that tell their personal financial story.

Wealth Builder

features a middle-aged married man, his ringed finger pulling down images of himself and his wife; charts illustrating the advanced financial tools that draw him in; a video of his personal banker; and a simple graphic of a truck, which builds digital layer by digital layer as he adds a motorcycle, a weekend cabin, and a photo of his family.

Young Professional

stars a young, bracelet-armed woman who pulls an image of herself; a graphic of a comfy retro chair; blinking graphs; and a smartphone to represent the apps she checks her bank balance on. Other spots feature BancorpSouth’s suitability for businesses and growing families.

“We wanted to create something with a modern look and feel that made use of technology,” noted Delcan. “The challenge was to create a campaign using amazing compositing and graphics that would really catch the eye.”

Delcan and his crew created the spots by compositing stock photos and videos provided by BancorpSouth into the montage of hands and Nola-generated graphics. Delcan pre-planned extensively, building a detailed animatic for each spot so they could flawlessly execute the one-day shoot. “We wanted fingertip precision here, with each touch lining up exactly to the item it was moving on the screen,” said Delcan. “Too often, when you see similar spots, the hands merely swipe at the surface, leaving a wide margin for graphics to move and react. The movement in each spot had to be executed as one complete take in order to be seamless. We recruited top hand models and drilled them on using audio cues to achieve exact timings so their movements would perfectly match the narrator.”

Delcan finished the campaign in After Effects, spending approximately two weeks compositing each spot, taking care that the images and graphics moved with purpose as the hands touched them and that the shadows around each arm stayed intact.

“Juan had so much enthusiasm for this project, as he does with everything he touches, that he inspired the whole crew as we worked from initial concept to post,” noted Nola EP Charlie Curran. “This campaign is an awesome showcase of Nola’s determination to create truly memorable work and handle it expertly at every phase.”

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Client: BancorpSouth

Spots Title:

Young Professional


Wealth Builder


Business, Growing Family

Air Date: November 2010

Agency: Stone Ward

Copywriter: Jeremy Harper

CEO & Executive CD: Larry Stone

Agency Producer: Tommy Walker

Prod Company: Nola Pictures

CD: Juan Delcan

EP: Charlie Curran

Head of Production: Cheryl Ward

Post/Effects: Nola Pictures

Designer/Animators: Robert Henry, Matthew Lane-Smith, Jess Mireau and Miguel Delcan

Producer: Diana Deldeo, JJ Wilmoth

Shoot Location: NYC

About Nola Pictures

Founded in 2005, NYC-based Nola Pictures is a full-service, multi-disciplined media services company with affiliate offices in France, Canada and Chile. Nola features a diverse roster of multi-dimensional directors, designers and producers who have created award-winning content for ad agencies, film and TV studios, and corporate clients.

Nola offers turnkey production solutions from shoot through editorial and post; including animation, design and VFX. Nola’s mandate is to provide a supportive creative environment with production flexibility and efficiency for our artists and clients. The Nola team has contributed to projects for brands such as Dell, Pfizer, Budweiser, Givenchy, Phillip Morris, Kraft, Proctor & Gamble, Wyeth, Pro Health, McDonald’s, Sundance, Cadillac, Ford, Carolina Herrera, Samsung, Umbro, Nike, ESPN, QNB, Bank of America, UPS, and Jet Blue among others.

About BancorpSouth, Inc.:

BancorpSouth, Inc. is a financial holding company headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi, with $13.4 billion in assets. BancorpSouth Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BancorpSouth, Inc., operates approximately 314 commercial banking, mortgage, insurance, trust and broker/dealer locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas. BancorpSouth Bank also operates an insurance location in Illinois.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)