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Nola Drives Nissan Campaign


Director Nick Lewin recently teamed up with Zimmerman Agency to direct a six-spot campaign for Nissan. The spots, which promote a variety of Nissan vehicles and special offers, offer a crisp, clean, graphic look with seamless visual effects.

Drive It Home

features shots of Nissan’s Altima charging along twisting seaside roads and through city and countryside. As graphic bubbles appear to point out the cars’ many features, the screen seamlessly evolves from one landscape to the next as the Altima powers through the scenes.


, which showcases Nissan’s many fuel-efficient models, takes a comic twist, as frustrated drivers fight to keep their cash from being sucked into the bank tube attached to the gas pump.

Rogue Spotlight

is a combination of graphics and live action that uses cut-away shots of a Rogue’s interiors to highlight the vehicle’s safety, space, and fuel efficiency.

Maxima: 4-Door Sportscar

showcases the Maxima’s performance heritage all handsomely packaged in a sedan.

“The Zimmerman team was looking for a director with ample experience across multiple disciplines with natural performances and a great graphic look. That’s Nick Lewin,” stated Nola EP Charlie Curran. “He’s one of the most versatile directors out there, and that comes through very clearly in this campaign.”

After winning the campaign via competitive bid, Nola hammered the spots out on a tight schedule. “The timeline was intense,” noted Lewin. “We had to closely focus on the shooting schedule to come up with the most efficient bid without sacrificing technique or coverage. But overall, the process was smooth as could be. We quickly established an efficient working relationship with the agency team based on the fact that there was a lot of shared know-how on the task at hand. We look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.”

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Client: Nissan

Spot Titles:

MPG, Altima: Drive it Home, Rogue: Spotlight, Nissan’s Big Deal, Close A Great Deal, Tent Event, Maxima: 4-Door Sportscar, Trucks – Own It

Air Date: June 2011

Agency: Zimmerman Agency

CD: Dan Gitlitz

Copywriter: Steve Rice

Executive Producer(s): M.L. Strausberg, Ron Warner, Helen Erb

Prod Company: Nola Pictures

Director: Nick Lewin

EP: Charlie Curran

About Nola Pictures

Founded in 2005, NYC-based Nola Pictures is a full-service, multi-disciplined media services company with affiliate offices in France, Canada and Chile. Nola features a diverse roster of multi-dimensional directors, designers and producers who have created award-winning content for ad agencies, film and TV studios, and corporate clients.

Nola offers turnkey production solutions from shoot through editorial and post; including animation, design and VFX. Nola’s mandate is to provide a supportive creative environment with production flexibility and efficiency for our artists and clients. The Nola team has contributed to projects for brands such as Dell, Pfizer, Budweiser, Givenchy, Puma, Kraft, Proctor & Gamble, Wyeth, Weis, McDonald’s, Sundance, Cadillac, Ford, VW, Toyota, American Express, Carolina Herrera, Samsung, Time Warner, Viacom, Nike, ESPN, Johnson & Johnson, Lowe’s, Bank of America, UPS, and Jet Blue among others.

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