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HD Documentary from Working Pictures for Ovation TV’s ‘American Revolutionaries’ Series Benefits from Color Correct, Online Edit at Top Post House NEW YORK, November 6th, 2008: Controversy and the astonishing art of Jeff Koons have always gone hand-in-hand. New York City post house Nice Shoes (

) brings the most out of Koons’ vibrant visuals in “Jeff Koons: Beyond Heaven�, an insightful new HD documentary for Ovation TV produced by Working Pictures. The latest installment in Ovation’s critically praised American Revolutionaries series, “Beyond Heaven� takes a vivid in-depth look at Koons and his work. Interviews with the artist as well as proponents and detractors of his psychologically-driven kitsch art, are woven together with footage of his Post-Pop sculptures, photos and paintings that include the Banality series’ famed statue Michael Jackson and Bubbles, the conceptual Three Ball 50/50 Tank, and the stainless steel Rabbit, among many others. Working Pictures Director Bobby Sheehan shot interviews and artwork at a wide variety of locations, museums and galleries, making Nice Shoes’ color correct expertise essential to the project. “Jeff Koons’ art is extremely colorful and saturated, and the goal was to make sure those qualities came through,� says Matt Rosenblum, Colorist for Nice Shoes. “On the other hand, the colors couldn’t get pushed so far that they overwhelmed his original intentions. Ultimately, what we established was an aesthetic look that ensured his art was always the driving force.� Sheehan confirms that the color correct in Rosenblum’s suite at Nice Shoes was especially critical for “Beyond Heaven�. “We produced a documentary on an iconic artist who lives and dies on color, but it wasn’t just about getting the colors right: it was about adding depth to every shot,� he explains. “For Jeff Koons to comment on how great the colors are in this show -- it’s a testament to what Matt pulled off.� The extremely comprehensive capabilities of Nice Shoes extended to the documentary’s online edit, performed by Bryan Rosenblum. “Whether you have a Fortune 500 campaign or a financially-challenged project, Nice Shoes embraces it with open arms and goes at it 100%,� Bobby Sheehan says. “They’re results-oriented, and ‘Jeff Koons: Beyond Heaven’ was a grand slam – I’ve got an extremely happy client in Ovation. That’s why Nice Shoes is my go-to shop.� “Jeff Koons: Beyond Heaven� will next be broadcast on Ovation as a Thanksgiving TV event. ### -more- -2 ABOUT NICE SHOES New York City-based Nice Shoes is a full service HD post-production house specializing in high-end commercial work. Established in 1996 with the goal of creating a boutique environment that stays ahead of industry trends, the studio employs the newest technology including BaseLight 8, Specter 2K Datacines and Discreet (Autodesk) Flame/ Smoke suites, totally HD capable. To extend into broadcast design, shoot supervision, visual effects and 3D, Freestyle Collective was born into the Nice Shoes family in 2001, followed shortly by Guava in 2002 and most recently, Nice Spots in 2005. Clients include IBM, Maybelline, Chase, Nickelodeon, AMEX, Avon, Toyota, Pizza Hut and Calvin Klein. For more information please visit

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