Nice Shoes Continues to Grow with Mountzouros

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Nice Shoes is well known for its nearly magical VFX and design work, but one of its great tricks is often overlooked: the way the studio keeps attracting top talent. The company has pulled the trick again in signing Senior Producer Christos Mountzouros, a highly regarded pro whose projects include a rebrand for HLN and a spot for MTV2. On the hugely successful Unbuttoned campaign for TV and the Web, a co-production between Levi's and The Logo Network, his work included co-directing talent. Mountzouros' efforts have been featured many times at the Sundance Film Festival since 2006.

"Christos is a talented guy with an impressive range of skills and a valuable familiarity with every stage of the production process," noted Nice Shoes Head of Production Michael Donovan. "As we continue to evolve as a company, it's vital that we constantly add fresh talent who invigorate our roster with new perspective and new skill sets, and Christos does exactly that."

Prior to returning to production with Nice Shoes, Mountzouros represented the top talent in design, animation, interactive and non-traditional media. He worked in motion graphics as producer at Digital Kitchen, focusing on commercials and network packages. He launched his career in children's programming at Curious. Outside of the VFX studio, Mountzouros is a musician, singer and songwriter who also writes for a music blog.

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NYC-based Nice Shoes is a full service, artist-driven design, animation, visual effects and color grading studio specializing in high-end commercials, web content, film, TV and music videos. Since its inception in 1996, the studio has prided itself on consistently reinvesting in its talent, technical backbone, and client experience to set the standard of excellence both creatively and technically. Key company principals include: CEO/Partner Dominic Pandolfino, Head of Production Mike Donovan, CDs Brian Bowman and Aron Baxter, Colorists/Partners Chris Ryan and Lez Rudge, Senior Producers Pat Portela and Christos Mountzouros, VFX Artist/Partner Rich Schreck, CFO/COO Julia Kisla, CTO Bob Keske, and VP of Sales & Marketing Travis Taylor.

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More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)



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