Newspeak "Scares Up" Halloween Graphics for Showtime and Comedy Central

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New York, NY, October 30, 2006 - Newspeak, a “young” design boutique based in New York City that specializes in motion design, art direction and identity development, has “scared” up new Halloween-themed projects for Showtime and Comedy Central. Erik Montovano, the company‘s founder and Creative Director, made the announcement.


For Showtime, Newspeak created and produced a promo promoting the brand new season of “Masters of Horror” for client John Leone, a Showtime producer. In addition, the company also produced a new promo for “Saw II,” for Showtime Executive Producer Jon Chironna.

Regarding Newspeak‘s work for both projects, Rudy Jaimes, an Art Director with Showtime, said, “The gang at Newspeak is just great. They really understood this job and gave me great boards to choose from. They are very efficient, very creative and highly enjoyable. I‘d be glad to work with them again soon.”

Added Chironna, “Newspeak‘s work was outstanding. They were very quick and collaborative, and delivered visuals that were highly creative and interesting.”


For the new Halloween graphics, Newspeak, working for client Chris Scarlata, Art Director, Comedy Central, On Air Promotion, created and produced two new promos for the “Hall-o-win Weekend” promoting “Night of the Living Dead Live!” and the premiere of “Shaun of the Dead.” Newspeak‘s promotions also included the creation of graphic elements such as zombies, logos, cricket bats, etc.

Scarlata said, “The Newspeak group were really great to work with. They added some real visual life to our ‘zombie‘ special!”


Founded in 2006 in New York City by Creative Director Erik Montovano, Newspeak is a design boutique that speaks individually to its clients. The company specializes in motion design, art direction, and identity development

for television programs, networks and channels, as well as for corporate and multi-media presentations. In addition to MTV and VH-1, the company‘s clients include Adelphia, Comcast, HBO, Showtime and Hill Holiday.

Rather than focusing on a specific style, Newspeak features a strong combined aesthetic that includes typography, illustration, 3D graphics and photography. The company‘s unique approach results in innovative and seamless designs for a broad range of clients and projects.

Newspeak is located at 100 West 23rd Street, 5th Floor, NY, NY, 10011.

The phone is 917/546-0843, and the website is