Newspeak Creates New Show Opens for Three BET J TV Series

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New York, NY, October 20, 2006 - Newspeak, a “young” design boutique based in New York City that specializes in motion design, art direction and identity development, has completed three new show open packages for TV programs airing on the BET J television network. The shows are entitled “Real Life Divas,” “The Turn On!” and “J List.” Erik Montovano, the company‘s founder and Creative Director, made the announcement.

Regarding Newspeak‘s work, Sean Johnson, Programming Strategist for BET J, as well as executive producer of the three programs, said, “I‘m a big fan of Newspeak and their work. They really get our message and are able to capture the essence of our programming with visual imagery that introduces each of these exciting shows. I love working with them!”


For the BET program “Real Life Divas,” Newspeak‘s show open package reflects a feeling of elegance and classiness. Montovano says, “We wanted to reflect the various roles a ‘Real Life Diva‘ plays, such as mother, business woman and star. The show open is all about the ‘Diva,‘ she is the star, both in real life, and within the industry she represents.”

“Real Life Divas” is a slice-of-life reality show that delves into the

lives of prominent African American women. The viewer is like a fly on the wall as Sheryl Lee Ralph goes into rehearsals for the reunion of the “DreamGirls,” Natalie Cole listens to tracks on her upcoming CD, and Star Jones talks about the press, as she fills her grocery cart with tabloid magazines of herself on the cover.

For the BET J program “The Turn On!” Newspeak created and produced another show open package. Montovano says, “In this case, our client wanted something sexy and classy. For the show open, we concentrated on the logo animation. We wanted the logo, the title of the show, to be at the center of the open. Since this is a vibrant talk show, we wanted its name to really stand out.”

Hosted by author, producer, and pop culture guru Charlotte Burley, “The Turn On!” infuses slow jam music videos with sexy celebrity interviews. In an effort to bridge the communication gap between the sexes, “The Turn On!” brings to television talk some of the hottest celebrities in the entertainment industry. The show depicts a late-night environment for singles and couples, and allows viewers to tune in and be turned on as celebrities reveal a side of themselves never seen before.

And, for the BET J program “J List,” Newspeak created and produced both the show‘s first season show open package, and also revised its second season show open package.

BET J‘s show “J List” highlights for viewers current fashion trends, features most wanted cars, and showcases the country‘s best restaurants, among other topics.


Founded in 2006 in New York City by Creative Director Erik Montovano, Newspeak is a design boutique that speaks individually to its clients. The company specializes in motion design, art direction, and identity development

for television programs, networks and channels, as well as for corporate and multi-media presentations. In addition to MTV and VH-1, the company‘s clients include Adelphia, Comcast, HBO, Showtime and Hill Holiday.

Rather than focusing on a specific style, Newspeak features a strong combined aesthetic that includes typography, illustration, 3D graphics and photography. The company‘s unique approach results in innovative and seamless designs for a broad range of clients and projects.

Newspeak is located at 100 West 23rd Street, 5th Floor, NY, NY, 10011.

The phone is 917/546-0843, and the website is




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