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NewBlueFX Introduces “Video Essentials� Effects Plugin Suite

NewBlueFX Introduces “Video Essentials� Effects Plugin Suite The “Swiss Army Knife� of Video Effects Collections

Video, Multimedia and Technology Editors

LA JOLLA, CA (September 22, 2008)— NewBlue, Inc. announces NewBlue Video Essentials, a comprehensive collection of NewBlueFX video plugins designed to enhance, optimize, and accelerate productivity and workflow. Featuring an indispensable toolbox of 10 distinct video effects plugins, NewBlue Video Essentials aids video professionals and enthusiasts in repairing, refining and improving their video.
NewBlue Video Essentials joins the company’s highly-regarded product line of 14 exclusive video effects plugins, video transitions and audio filters. The product is available for all major video editing software platforms, including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Express, Avid Media Composer, Avid NewsCutter, Avid Symphony, Avid Xpress, Avid Liquid, Corel (formerly Ulead) VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Thomson Grass Valley EDIUS. The collection is value-priced at $79.95.

“NewBlue Video Essentials is an incredible value, but don’t be fooled by its aggressive pricing,� explains Paul Devermann, VP of Business Development. “This suite of video effects plugins offers critical tools to get the job done. Nowhere else will you find such a powerful set of truly useful tools for less than $100, much less $79.95.�

Included in NewBlue Video Essentials are:

– Color Fixer Plus, which provides a quick and easy way to fix color balance. It can also adjust the saturation, brightness, and film gamma.

– Crop Borders, which quickly and easily eliminates unnecessary video borders.

– Detail Enhancer, which strengthens the lines and edges in the video image, bringing out detail in a dull or foggy scene and resulting in a clearer picture.

– Flash Remover, which automatically senses camera flashes and removes them from the video.

– Pixelator, which replaces an oval area on the screen with large colored blocks, obscuring the underlying image. This can be used to obscure a face to maintain anonymity.

– Sharpen, which refines the video image, enhancing the definition.

– Soft Focus, which gently blurs the video image.

– Tint, which changes the coloring and light behavior of the video image. It provides control over the tinting, color saturation, brightness, and has the option of adding the lighting depth of film.

– Touch Up, which smoothes the image, removing subtle blemishes from the video, while maintaining strong details. Touch Up is a great way to clean up an image to make it more appealing.

– Video Tuneup, which combines four very useful image adjustment filters for quick and easy fine (or not so fine) tuning of the image.

Users can purchase NewBlue Video Essentials directly from the company’s website at

. A fully-functional trial version is available for download, as well.

About NewBlue, Inc.:

NewBlue, Inc. develops innovative audio, video and multimedia technologies for leading companies throughout the world. Founded in early 2002, NewBlue creates and licenses a range of proprietary technologies– including a series of NewBlueFX video technologies, the NewBlue Audio Engine and Audiomatrix technology platform– that meet the varied multimedia needs of mid-and large-sized companies. Experienced developers, musicians, artists, and software professionals with a unique and commanding set of skills, experience and talent comprise the NewBlue team.

The company unveiled its NewBlueFX (

) product line in 2006 to meet the needs of digital video editing enthusiasts. The NewBlueFX collection of software plug-ins includes special audio and video effects, such as audio filters, noise reduction, equalization, compression and dozens of sophisticated graphic filters and transitions. To date, the NewBlueFX line includes 5 audio-oriented plug-in collections and 8 video-oriented effects and transitions collections for the Adobe Premiere, Avid Liquid, Avid Media Composer, Avid Xpress Pro, Pinnacle Studio and Sony Vegas desktop video product lines, as well as AVCHD UpShift, an AVCHD conversion utility created in conjunction with VASST.

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