New VICON MX T-Series Quadruples Motion Capture Camera Resolution; Increases Data Transfer Speeds Tenfold

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Remarkable boost in fidelity and quality extends creative options for digital characters in films, television and games

VICON, developer of Academy Award®-winning motion capture systems, today announced the VICON MX T-Series. The MX-T Series includes an all-new camera design and new Giganet device with cameras available in a variety of resolution options, including the T160 (16 Megapixel), T40 (4 Megapixel) and T20 (2 Megapixel). The T160 16-megapixel camera represents a four-times resolution increase over existing professional optical motion capture solutions. This revolutionary resolution boost is made possible by VICON’s proprietary Avalon sensor; VICON is the only optical motion camera developer that designs its own camera sensors. “The MX-T Series represents the biggest leap in technology to date for our new release motion capture systems. Not only is the resolution boost significant, but along with the new streamlined camera design and Gigabit Ethernet connections, this system is blazing fast. The speed means that our customers can capture more markers on subjects with improved preview modes, better diagnostics and easier set-up and operation,� said Robin Pengelly, Senior Vice President, Entertainment Division, VICON. The external styling of the camera has been completely reworked and the new mechanical design now makes the 18mm VICON lens a standard fit. Additionally, the system now supports

remote focus and aperture setting

with Canon mount lenses for the MX T-Series camera, allowing a single operator to adjust focus and aperture settings remotely via the VICON Blade software, resulting in significant time savings when changing setups between shoots.

The new cameras also support

2D on board tracking

so that the processing of 2D tracking points is now done in the camera. This makes the reconstruction of 3D data much faster and more accurate, and frees up processing power from the PC. With

Gigabit Ethernet

connections, the MX-T Series systems allow for the transfer of data at 1000MB/second in preview mode, ten times faster than the current 100MB/second rate. The T-Series cameras are backwards compatible with VICON MX and MX F-Series cameras, and can be used in combination in the same capture volume. With the

16 Megapixel resolution

of the VICON T160 camera, performers can be captured with more markers, and smaller markers can be used allowing them to be closer together. In this way, details such as hands and face can be captured with accurate detail in much larger volumes than ever before.


Academy Award®-winning VICON is the world’s largest supplier of precision motion tracking systems, serving customers and CG animation applications in film, visual effects, computer games, and broadcast television, as well as engineering and life science industries. VICON operates in four offices worldwide, including its Los Angeles-based Entertainment headquarters, a 26,000 square-foot facility equipped with three performance capture stages for VICON’s service company House of Moves as well as over 250 VICON F40 cameras. VICON is the largest holding of OMG (Oxford Metrics Group - LSE: OMG), plc., a group of technology companies that produces image understanding solutions for the entertainment, defense, life science and engineering markets. Other holdings include Emmy Award®-winning 2d3 and newly founded Geospatial Vision Ltd. VICON’s and OMG’s global clients include: life science leaders University of Pennsylvania, the VA Hospitals, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Titleist Golf, National Pitching Association; engineering industry leaders Ford, BMW, Airbus, Lockheed, Pratt-Whitney, NASA, Caterpillar, International Truck, and Toyota; and entertainment companies Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony Computer Entertainment, Industrial Light and Magic, Sega, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Vivendi, Electronic Arts, Square Enix and many others. For more information about OMG and its subsidiaries, visit


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