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New Process Dramatically Cuts Video Digitizing Costs and Time

Sept 12th, 2007, Chicago, IL – MediaRecall today announced a revolutionary breakthrough in the cost of digitizing, clip selecting and logging video, solving a major problem for content owners with video archives trapped on tape.

“The cost savings to large archives may be as high as 80 to 90% over traditional digitizing and logging methods,” says Robin Rutledge, CEO of MediaRecall Holdings, a major provider of video archiving digital services to TV stations, archives and other large video content holders.

Unique Workflow + Web = Low-Cost and High-Speed

MediaRecall has developed a revolutionary new workflow for selecting clips and logging video that leverages the Internet to tap into a global workforce.

Powered by proprietary software known as DONE! ™ or the Digital Online Network Environment, MediaRecall enables clip selectors and loggers from across the world to work simultaneously around the clock.

With instantaneous access to a nearly unlimited number of workers, MediaRecall has the labor pool to complete even the most daunting projects in a tiny fraction of the normal time.

MediaRecall can digitize hundreds of hours of video, select thousands of clips, create metadata for each and perform a full quality review in a single day, a task that would normally take weeks at best.

Quality Work by Real People

Every step of the process using MediaRecall‘s DONE! ™ is performed by highly trained, visual and verbal archiving professionals.

When needed, MediaRecall will bring in subject matter experts to handle the needs of highly specialized content.

The DONE! ™ process offers complete flexibility, allowing content owners to be as involved or removed from the selecting and tagging of clips as they want.

New Efficiencies Open Up New Opportunity

MediaRecall scales to meet the needs of its customers. The more video they run through the system, the less it costs per hour. And with MediaRecall, content owners don‘t have to add to their payroll or invest in technology that will quickly become outdated.

“We already have the hardware and the personnel in place, and MediaRecall‘s DONE! ™ makes our work so efficient, we can pass the savings on to our customers,” says Rutledge.

Lower initial costs mean new opportunities for content owners who may not have been able to afford taking on such projects in the past:

New Revenue

Innumerable opportunities are opening up for content to be monetized through VOD, mobile downloads, stock footage and more. But if your video is trapped on tape, you‘re out of luck. Video is at its most valuable when it‘s archived digitally so it‘s ready to distribute and carefully tagged with metadata for easy search and retrieval.

Preservation of Value

A tape‘s practical lifespan is only 20-25 years. So every day video remains trapped on tape it deteriorates a little more. The value of that video is literally fading away, and whole archives of content from as recent as the 1980‘s are in danger of being lost. By digitizing archives, content owners can rest easy knowing their video is safe.

Access and Efficiency

Managing large archives of tapes is an unwieldy process. TV stations and corporations often have to spend time and money re-shooting video they know they have, but can‘t find. Digitized and properly tagged video makes finding shots easy, and for the first time, it‘s affordable to create searchable access to video archives.

Client Proven Performance

MediaRecall‘s patent-pending process has been developed and beta tested over the last three years. MediaRecall‘s clients include leading public TV stations, such as WGBH/Boston, WTTW/Chicago, KAET/Phoenix and Oregon Public Broadcasting, among others.

“We needed a faster and more efficient way to digitize and create clips from our archives,” says Alison Smith, Head of WGBH Stock Sales. “With MediaRecall‘s “DONE!”™ system, which has a very user-friendly interface and works like an on line editing system, we‘re now producing more clips much more efficiently than we expected.”

Milt Ritter, Head of Production Services, Oregon Public Broadcasting, said, “Using MediaRecall, we‘ve been able to digitize a significant piece of our video archives in a fraction of the time and expense of doing the work ourselves. With an online presence, we see our stock footage sales are increasing significantly. In the process, MediaRecall has simplified our internal media handling as well.”

MediaRecall is proud to share with the world this revolution in the speed, cost and efficiency of digitizing and organizing large-scale video archives.

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