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New High Tech Battery Blocks offer stunning power

Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc, recently introduced the newest addition to their product line, the new family of Battery Blocks designed for film CINE and HD video cameras: The Triton Cine HD Battery Block 15 AHR which uses Nickel metal hydride cells, The TritonBelt Battery Belt and The Cadblock Battery which uses NICAD cells. The battery packs are manufactured by Alan Gordon Enterprises at their location in Hollywood, California. The batteries incorporate unique, smart technology in their design; including built-in microprocessors, which manage battery efficiency, providing charge termination, voltage cut off and an easy to read fuel gauge. When it’s a long days night on set you want a battery with staying power!

These batteries are available in various voltages (12v, 14.4v, 26v, 28.8v and 30v) with any of the standard connections currently being used in the industry.

For more information about these products contact Wayne Loucks on 323 466 3561, email

or find them on the web at

. Visit their showroom at Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc, 5625 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90048