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New Art Miami

has launched a pioneering remote color grading service, taking its one-stop seamless approach to editorial, VFX, 3D animation, color grading, finishing and audio postproduction to the next level. The innovative service provides clients with virtual access to real-time sessions with the company’s skilled color grade team, while eliminating the expense and time of travelling to the Miami-based facility.

New Art bringing clients and their colorist together in ‘live,’ real time sessions that enable clients to watch, interact, and participate in the creative process from their computers, with matched color parameter, or on tablets, or smart phone. Sessions are accessed via Internet from multiple locations using secure password logins.

Demetrio Bilbatua, President/CEO, New Art Miami
“Our remote color grading service provides a project that doesn’t have room in its budget for travel expenses, with the opportunity to work with our multi-talented colorists, Oscar Martinez and Patrick Desfayes – without every leaving their office,” says Demetrio Bilbatua, New Art’s President/CEO. “It also provides local clients with the convenience of accessing the same high-caliber service, technology and talent that we offer in-house, without having to get in their cars or block travel time into their schedules.”

The remote color grading process begins after production, with the client sending files and their EDL to New Art Miami. Files are then ingested to the facility’s non-linear color correction system, and their color grader performs a monitor calibration of the client’s viewing reference station. New Art’s team establishes a voice connection via Skype or phone, and then begins a real-time nonlinear color grading session.

Remote color grading delivers the same quality as in-house session – and goes through the same process – matching the color temperature of footage from multiple camera, balancing out levels from scene to scene, using the nuisances of the craft to create or enhance the desired mood of each scene, getting rid of noise, correcting soft areas and achieving precise control of color and contrast by utilizing window isolation. The final product is equal to the quality that clients are accustomed to when leaving an in-house session.

After the session is completed, New Art’s colorist posts selected files to an FTP for download and use. They retain a copy to allow further correction or alternate versions to be created, or to follow through, providing editorial, finishing and/or audio services. (The company is currently fine-tuning a Remote Editorial Services, which it plans to launch later this year.)

“Clients are amazed at the level of convenience and flexibility our remote capabilities bring to the color grading phases of their projects, and how seamlessly it integrates into their work day,” says Bilbatua. “And, by eliminating the cost and time spent traveling, working remotely allows project that never had the budget to come to New Art for color grading to step up the production value of their content.”

“Our remote color grading service delivers the quality and service that the industry has come to expect from New Art Miami, while eliminating the substantial out-of-pocket costs and time normally associated with traveling to Miami,” adds Bilbatua. “It was designed to anticipate the every-changing needs of today’s clients – and refine the role of a seamless workflow for commercial, corporate, music video and web-based video content.”

New Art Miami is a creative service provider offering Editorial, VFX, 3D animation, color grading, finishing and audio for spots, broadcast content, music video and all platforms of visual media. Our team is committed to providing dynamic, flexible and innovative solutions that cross platforms and exceed expectations. Technical specs and formats supported by New Art’s Remote Color Grading system can be downloaded from

, or contacted at 305.857.0350 for additional information on the services.