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New Amplifiers From JBL Synthesis Home Theater Deliver Lower Distortion, Better Transient Response And Wider Dynamic Range

The new S7165, S5160 and S280 amplifiers are the latest additions to the world’s finest home theater audio system, providing the listener with a truly immersive surround-sound experience and the custom home systems integrator with an exceptional new tool in the pursuit of high-end audio.

ELKHART, Indiana — As part of its expanding JBL Synthesis® Home Theater System, JBL today introduced the new JBL Synthesis S7165, S5160 and S280 amplifiers. These new amplifiers represent intensely refined engineering and design, purposely crafted to minimize the number of components in the audio signal path. The result is lower distortion, better transient response and wider dynamic range than ever before, keeping the JBL Synthesis Home Theater System the reference standard of home theater performance.

As with all Synthesis series amplifiers, the new S7165, S5160 and S280 amplifiers handle multichannel audio superbly, designed to integrate the L-C-R array, the left and right rear surround channels and the subwoofer to produce a truly enveloping, immersive home theater experience. They also feature new enhancements, including Auto Turn-On functionality and Power-Sequencing circuitry, features designed for ease of use as well as energy conservation. All of these new Synthesis series amplifiers are also rack-mountable, designed to be stacked with no vent space between the units in order to save valuable rack space, and able to be fan-cooled. Of course, these new amplifiers will integrate seamlessly with all JBL Synthesis speakers, Digital EQ and processors.

The S7165 and S5160 amplifiers produce 160 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms. The S820 generates 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, doubling to 800 Watts in bridged mode. All of these new JBL Synthesis amplifiers offer a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz, Total Harmonic Distortion of ==400, and a signal-to-noise ratio of >==100 dB. All of these new JBL Synthesis amplifiers are in stock and ready for delivery now.

“With the introduction of these new amplifiers, the JBL Synthesis Home Theater System continues to be a robust set of products, evolving to meet the expanded needs of custom home systems integrators for a variety of home theater applications and scales,� says Kevin Voecks, Market Director, Harman Performance AV Group. “Their performance is every bit what you’d expect from JBL and Synthesis.�