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New Accessories for Ninja and Samurai — Sun Hood, Viewfinder Loupe and Cable Management accessories announced at NAB 2011

Press Contact: Victoria Battison


NAB 2011 — Las Vegas, Nevada – April 11, 2011:


, manufacturer of the revolutionary Ninja and Samurai external Apple ProRes recorders are delighted to announce a range of accessories for their groundbreaking affordable 10-bit portable Recording, Monitoring and Playback devices. Ninja, Samurai, and all the new accessories can be seen at the Atomos Stand SL9105.

Atomos Ninja and Saumurai Sun Visor

One of the most requested features from the rapidly-growing army of Ninja users is a sun visor to allow the Ninja and Samurai high-quality video monitor screens to be used outdoors in strong daylight and sunlight. The Ninja’s screen has been praised for its clarity and colour accuracy and users have confirmed that it is more than capable of being used as an Electronic Viewfinder (EFF).

The new Atomos Sun Visor, which fits both the Ninja and the upcoming Samurai, allows the screen to be seen clearly in all lighting conditions, retaining the full contrast, saturation and clarity of the on-screen image. The visor has been shaped to retain full effectiveness while continuing to allow users to access all touchscreen features as usual.

Atomos Ninja and Samurai EVF Loupe

The Atomos EVF Loupe takes the idea of using a Ninja or Samurai screen as an EVF a stage further, with an optical system that attaches to the screen and provides an apparent full-size image for assessing focus, depth of field and composition. The Loupe hinges upwards to allow easy access to touchscreen operation.

Atomos Ninja and Samurai Cable Management System

Ninja users have reported great success in using HDMI connections to to their cameras, due mainly to the high-quality HDMI socket on the Ninja and the amount of grip it provides. To allow for additional safety, the Atomos Cable Management System cleverly attaches to the front of the Ninja and extends sideways to provide a latching system that holds cables in place. The device is interoperable with the Atomos EVF Loupe and the Sun Visor.

“We want to extend the usefulness of these incredible portable ProRes recorders even further, said Atomos CEO Jeromy Young. “Most external ProRes recorders don’t even have a screen – never mind one that you can use as an EVF. And we’re more affordable than all of them, with better build quality and more features!â€?

The new accessories are just part of an expanding range of production industry products from Atomos, and will be joined by more over the course of next year.


The accessories will be available Summer 2011. For information about regional Atomos dealers, please visit

or email:

. To contact dealers in EMEA regions, please email: David Shapton, President, Atomos EMEA,


About Ninja and Samurai

Ninja is a portable touchscreen HD recorder, monitor and playback device that captures video direct to Apple ProRes from any camera with an HDMI output onto low-cost, removable 2 ½ inch hard disks. It eliminates the need for capture cards and wasted time logging and capturing by avoiding the lossy, time consuming capture to edit process.

Ninja is available immediately worldwide for only $995 USD.

Samurai is the second of Atomos’s industry-transforming external Apple ProRes video recorders, working with any camera with an HD-SDI output. Samurai packs masses of power into a rugged, portable device that records, monitors, and instantly plays back ready-to-edit, visually-lossless Apple Pro Res files and has bigger touchscreens and multi-camera support.

Samurai will be available Samurai will be available Summer 2011 at $1495 USD.

About Atomos

Atomos improves the working lives of videomakers by designing cutting-edge, affordable tools that make the best possible use of recent advances in hardware and software. Based in Australia, Hong Kong, and UK, and with a worldwide distribution network, Atomos has a range of groundbreaking products lined up for release over the coming months and years. Further product information can be found at