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Talon Data Systems Launches Revolutionary Data Transport Product July 31, 2008 (Hollywood, CA) Talon Data Systems has announced the launch of NetFlight™, a groundbreaking communication product poised to revolutionize data transport and storage access for motion picture, broadband and television post production media. As companies involved at multiple points along the creative and technical pipeline grapple with a growing need for high speed collaboration and viewing of full resolution assets, NetFlight™ presents solutions to critical challenges by enabling rapid movement of full 4K data down the hall, across the street or around the world. In addition, NetFlight™ enjoys a considerable competitive advantage as the only solution addressing the problems associated with the transport of large volumes of full resolution entertainment data. NetFlight™ utilizes Thomson’s proprietary data pumping technology. This new Reliable WAN Transfer Protocol (RWTP) enables robust inter-facility collaboration and promises real-time, uncompressed transfer speeds of files that have been slow moving or asset-consuming in the past. In addition to time savings, issues of latency and bandwidth availability are predictable and reliable with NetFlight™. Since the invention of the disk drive, technologists and creative team members have been seeking a product that could move full resolution images through the production pipeline, regardless of where those assets reside. With the arrival NetFlight™, post production facilities can move 5000 2K DPX files (frames) in 3 minutes, eight to ten times faster than the fastest existing data file transfer protocol. The NetFlight™ server provides stable, reliable, and predictable high speed transfer of uncompressed DPX files over ultra fast network connections. Tom Shearer, CEO of Talon Data Systems, commented on the journey of innovation behind NetFlight™, “Fifteen years ago Talon sold the very first Fibre Channel SAN to the Hollywood market. Five years ago we sold the first clustered NAS to Hollywood. Today Talon is introducing NetFlight™, which we see as a fundamental break- through in the networked storage workflow for the M&E market. NetFlight™ can move full resolution 2K and 4K DPX files over a WAN at speeds exceeding 300 megabytes per second, limited only by the customer’s storage and networking infrastructure. This truly disruptive technology will change the way post production houses execute their dynamic workflows; taking DPX files into and through the post process in real time or better, anyplace that is equipped with NetFlight™. We predict that once you NetFlight™ full resolution HD, 2K and 4K images coast to coast at the speeds we are capable of, there will be no turning back. Our first customer has been flying 4K files with on-time arrivals from city to city for over 2 months without losing a frame at 325MB’s from shared SAN to clustered NAS.� To learn more about NetFlight™, visit the Talon Data Systems website at

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