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NAB News: Bling Digital to Unveil “Post on Demand” Solutions as HPA’s “Post Pit”

Los Angeles—

Bling Digital

, a pioneering developer of today’s most innovative digital workflows, will discuss the emerging world of “Post On Demand” in a 20-minute technology demonstration as part of NAB 2013’s popular Post Pit series. Bling Digital Chief Technology Officer Chris Parker and Vice President of Creative Services Chris Jacobson will showcase new technologies that are enabling feature and television productions to save time and money by limiting their reliance on brick-and-mortar post production facilities.

Bling Digital’s “Post On Demand” session will occur on Tuesday, April 9th at 10:00 a.m. at Booth SL15708 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Post Pit is sponsored by the Hollywood Post Alliance.

Parker and Jacobson will describe some of the innovative portable post production solutions that Bling Digital has developed for productions such as Pacific Rim, Suits and Covert Affairs. Bling Digital P.O.D.s are enabling those and other productions to conduct common post-production operations such as dailies processing, color correction and editorial in near-set and on-set environments. By eliminating reliance on brick-and-mortar post-production facilities for such services, P.O.D.s are helping productions to reduce costs, gain creative flexibility and meet increasingly tight delivery schedules.

“Our P.O.D.s can be configured to perform a wide range of post-production functions,” explains Parker. “They can be used in an editorial room to perform final color and online or they can be used to process dailies in a hotel room in Morocco—and much, much more.”

“We’re not talking about a specific piece of hardware, but rather about a new theory, a new way of thinking about post,” Jacobson adds. “It’s all about ramping up efficiency.”

Bling Digital has established itself as a leading provider of portable post-production technology and as a workflow specialist. It also works with its parent company SIM Digital to provide feature and television productions with end-to-end workflow solutions.

About Bling Digital

Bling Digital, a division of SIM Digital, is a post-production technology and services provider specializing in on-set data management, digital dailies, post production finishing, data archiving and editorial systems rentals. Focused on maximizing production efficiency, Bling has pioneered some of the most coveted digital workflow solutions, developing highly portable equipment services and processes for commercial and long-format productions. It continues to engineer new systems that allow clients to work confidently with the latest camera technologies available through SIM Digital.
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About SIM Digital

With offices across the USA, Canada and China, SIM Digital is a world-class rental facility specializing in digital production equipment and workflow services. SIM offers one of the largest and most diverse inventories of the latest digital cinematography tools from top manufacturers including ARRI, Sony, RED, Panasonic, Canon, Fujinon, Angenieux, Zeiss, Cooke. In tandem with its innovative Bling Digital division, the company offers the industry’s most comprehensive workflow solutions for feature and television production, encompassing cameras, data, dailies, offline editorial, finishing and archiving.
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