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NAB 2012: MTI Film to Showcase Transcoding Solution “Cortex”


MTI Film

will showcase its new Cortex platform, a family of products that marks a major step forward in digital asset management for production and post-production. Based on MTI Film’s ten years of experience in developing file-based workflow solutions through its Control Dailies and Convey products, Cortex brings coherence and portability to the process of managing digital assets from the set to the screen.

MTI Film received positive responses when it previewed Cortex::Convey, the first offering in the Cortex family, at the Hollywood Post Alliance Technical Retreat in February. This new generation of Convey builds on the foundation of its predecessor, the automated, data-centric deliverables application used in MTI Film’s award-winning Control Dailies system. Cortex::Convey is a stand-alone application featuring a powerful, multi-threaded transcoding engine that supports all popular video codecs with an interface that is easy to use. The result is a simple, streamlined solution that can be used at any phase in the post production workflow.

MTI Film will be demonstrating Cortex::Convey and the next offerings in the Cortex line, Cortex::Capture and Cortex::Control Dailies, along with its proven Remote Control Dailies and Correct DRS™ applications at NAB Booth SL14706.

“The rapid shift to digital acquisition and tapeless delivery that has occurred over the past two years has changed the way post production is done and created new challenges,” notes MTI Film Vice President of Product Development David McClure. “Processes that were once housed under one roof are now often handled by different parties in different locations. Some of those processes can be unnecessarily painful or confusing to new users. Cortex is designed to eliminate that pain and confusion.”

Cortex::Convey is an alternative to automated transcoding applications that require specialized training or are needlessly complex. “It is perfect for editing rooms, post facilities, production offices, or any environment where transcoding from one format to another is required with a minimum of technical expertise,” says McClure. “Cortex includes a user-friendly template designer that makes transcoding an effortless process for all users.”

Cortex’s advanced project management features include multiple deliverable templates per project, automated workflows, and a one-to-many render engine. It is a simpler and more flexible way to reliably and simultaneously generate multiple, high-quality file-based deliverables for all steps in the post-production process.

Cortex::Convey includes MTI Film’s best-of-breed algorithms for down-conversion and color processing in a 32-bit floating point pipeline, as well as the latest real time, GPU-accelerated demosaicing algorithms for RAW camera codecs.

MTI Film plans to roll out other Cortex products to address other points in the production and post production process. Ultimately, the Cortex family will form a seamless solution for managing media assets from pre-production, through post production and beyond.

“A lot of time and money is wasted because creative decisions and other metadata cannot be passed seamlessly from one step in the process to the next,” observes McClure. “It either has to be re-entered or is lost completely. The Cortex platform is designed to allow all the actors – from DITs to dailies colorists to assistant editors and more – to easily share this information while remaining focused on their central task, undistracted by a large, complex application.”

About MTI Film LLC

MTI Film LLC Since 1997 MTI Film has offered award winning software applications to the post-production industry for film and video image correction and dailies facilitation. MTI’s applications support collaborative digital work-flows which scale to significantly increase throughput. MTI Film products include Correct DRS#, Control Dailies and Convey. In 2010, MTI Film moved their Hollywood operations to a newly built facility on Sycamore Ave. This facility allowed MTI to move fully into the unique role of providing powerful technological solutions as both products and services, with each side strengthening and informing the evolution of the other.