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'Mumblecore' Erin's 'Are You From Bingo?' Documentary Now Open For Fundraising on IndieGoGo

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ITHACA, NEW YORK, November 21, 2008 - Erin Scherer, the

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HOWL (For Lindsay Lohan)

YouTube sensation, is preparing to release on DVD her first feature-length documentary "Are You From Bingo?", a look inside the history of Binghamton, New York, and its recent economic upswing through community revitalization efforts and gentrification. To raise money to complete the production of the DVDs, Scherer has set up a profile on IndieGoGo.com where fundraising is now open for anyone who would like to contribute to the project. A Geneva, New York, native and graduate of SUNY Oneonta, Scherer made a stop in Binghamton one night a few years ago on her way back from visiting New York City. There, she learned of attempts by artists and young developers to turn Binghamton around by renovating downtown buildings. Her curiosity got the best of her, so she researched this more and decided to make a documentary about Binghamton's rise as an industrial center; the decline of downtown in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s; and the more recent gentrification and revitalization efforts taking place there. Though she wrapped principal photography on "Are You From Bingo?" nearly three and a half years ago, Scherer wasn't quite sure what to do with the film. She took some time off after editing the film to learn the ins and outs of film distribution and marketing by traveling to film festivals, meeting other filmmakers like her, and listening to lectures by top industry professionals. This past year, she attended the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, and the Woodstock Film Festival in Woodstock, New York. "Self-distribution is becoming more and more accessible for do-it-yourself independent filmmakers such as me," Scherer said. "I'm now ready to take that journey by releasing 'Are You From Bingo?' on DVD, and I'm hoping IndieGoGo will give the film a little extra push off the ground." To contribute to the "Are You From Bingo?" DVD, visit