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MTV Installs ARG Media Combiner MPEG Network Adapters for HD distribution

ARG ElectroDesign, developer of signal distribution products for the broadcast and telecommunications industries, has announced that MTV Networks UK & Ireland (MTV), part of MTV Networks International, has purchased ARG Media Combiner MPEG network adapters to provide MTV with a reliable, cost-effective method of transporting multi-programme MPEG HD data streams from Warsaw to London.

MTV is using the new solution to take two HD channels from its playout provider in Warsaw to SKY Television and its office in central London using fibre circuits provided by Colt Telecom. From here, they are transported via uplink – one going onwards within Europe and the other going to Latin America. The ARG Media Combiner MPEG network adapters enable MTV to save money by using the same circuit to carry both HD channels at no extra cost.

The decision to choose the Media Combiners was a logical one for MTV as they have been using ARG products for distributing other full-time broadcast television channels for over ten years.

“As a long time customer of ARG, we know that its product portfolio is of the highest quality and that its network adapter solutions offer complete dependability,� explained Howard Monaghan, Director of Broadcast Distribution, MTV Networks. “When choosing equipment for remote sites overseas, reliability and ease of use are prime considerations, therefore we were very comfortable choosing the ARG Media Combiners for our current requirement. I am extremely satisfied with their performance.�

Installing the Media Combiners was a simple process. MTV was able to configure and install the entire system itself using ARG’s web browser interface.

Part of ARG’s signal distribution product range, the Media Combiner network adapter solution enables up to eight DVB-T MPEG programme bundles to be combined into a single interface for transport over any STM-1, OC-3, DS3,E3 or IP circuit. Incoming signals can be rate limited to ensure the overall payload never exceeds the available network bandwidth. Two levels of Reed-Solomon forward error correction and COP#3 for IP can be applied to ensure valuable user signals prevail even in the presence of network errors. Dual-redundant internal power supplies are provided for maximum reliability. The Media Combiner solution has a proven meantime between failure (MTBF) rate of over 30 years.


About ARG ElectroDesign Ltd
ARG designs and manufactures products for the television broadcast and telecommunication industries. The ARG product portfolio provides multi-programme transport stream primary distribution for broadcasters, IP/TV, digital terrestrial, mobile TV and broadband TV. The product range comprises highly powerful, cost-effective telecommunication technology for DVB-ASI and high speed data delivery across fibre optic, Ethernet, SDH or PDH networks. Services are delivered transparently with excellent reliability to points of secondary distribution such as TV transmitter sites, satellite earth stations, cable head-ends and IPTV heads.