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MSNBC TV Special “Day of Destruction, Decade of War” Features Powerful Motion Graphics from Pixeldust Studios

Bethesda, MD, September 15, 2011 — Pixeldust Studios, an Emmy and Telly Award winning digital animation and broadcast design studio which creates innovative animations and motion graphics for major broadcast and cable television clients, produced the full graphics package, including the opening main title sequence, for the recently aired, two part MSNBC TV special “Day of Destruction, Decade of War.” (NOTE: Click on image at right to enlarge) Pixeldust’s client was Peacock Productions (NBC). Richardo
Andrade, Founder/Executive Creative Director, Pixeldust Studios, made the announcement.

The two part TV documentary “Day of Destruction, Decade of War,” which aired on MSNBC on Sept. 1 and Sept. 2nd, featured dozens of emotionally impactful graphics which were interlaced to depict both the fateful day of 9/11/01, as well as scenes from the ten years of wars and aftermath that followed. The Pixeldust opening main title sequence for the special included a highly charged, fast paced collage of imagery, including scenes of the smoldering Twin Towers, President George W. Bush delivering a speech, U.S. military maneuvers in Iraq and Afghanistan, first responders at Ground Zero, Osama bin Laden, and American flags, all swirling together into a sweeping vortex at the end to spell out the words “Day of Destruction, Decade of War.”

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Produced by Peacock Productions, “Day of Destruction, Decade of War,” which featured MSNBC reporter Rachel Maddow and her NBC colleague Richard Engel, was a three-part documentary, which aired on Thursday and Friday, Sept. 1 and 2, on MSNBC. The special served as a primer on the expansion of the national security state following 9/11. Among the controversial topics covered were: The explosive growth of the intelligence community, the use of private entities to carry out covert operations and core spying functions, the network of secret (and not-so-secret) military and CIA prisons around the world, the intrusion into everyday American life, the use of torture on detainees and the continued warfare on various fronts in the Middle East.


Pixeldust Studios LLC is an Emmy and Telly Award winning digital animation and broadcast design studio with the technical, creative and production capabilities to create innovative animations and motion graphic design for major broadcast and cable television clients. The company also provides these services to its Non-Entertainment clientele.

Pixeldust Studios, which has delivered hundreds of hours of broadcast animation to its clients, specializes in combining proprietary techniques with world-class creative talent to develop character animation, visual effects, motion graphics, and digitally animated sequences seen within television series, specials, mini-series, documentaries, docu-dramas, and reality programming, as well as within on-air promotional campaigns.

Founded in 2004 by Creative Director Ricardo Andrade, Pixeldust Studios is based in Bethesda, MD (in the Greater Washington, D.C., area) and in New York City. Andrade, a multi-award winning designer, and his company are highly regarded for their work.

The company’s entertainment industry clients include Discovery Channel, Discovery Health Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Military Channel, National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Television, NBC News, PBS, A&E, History Channel, NOVA, National Geographic International, NHNZ, Speed Channel, True TV, “Frontline,” Spike and the Smithsonian Network.

Among the Non-Entertainment clients which had been serviced by Pixeldust Studios are factions of the U.S. Government, Cornell University, the British Museum of London, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, among others.

Pixeldust Studios is headquartered at 4350 East-West Highway, Suite # 350, Bethesda, MD, 20814. The phone is 301/656-0050. The company’s Manhattan office is located at 584 Broadway, Suite # 612, NY, NY 10012, and the phone is 646/476-2053. For more info, please see: