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New York, NY – (July 12, 2007) – In Hitchcockian fashion,

Mr. Wonderful

made an old lady fall on a hard tile floor over 17 times— without a mat— to drive home a message about Old El Paso’s new taco shells.

In the :30 spot, an old lady (Jan Owen, frequently on Law & Order) is rudely cut while in line in a hardware store. After she is snubbed for an apology from the young jerk, she takes matters into her own hands. She dramatically falls to the floor, dropping her flower seeds, and screaming. When the store patrons, especially a burly contractor, rush to her aid, she blames the cutter for pushing her down. As the crowd turns on our unlucky jerk, we realize that our old lady, like the new flat-bottomed Old El Paso product, is a “taco that can stand up for itself.”

“The whole spot was about the performances–the timing and the nuance in body language,” says director Mark Littman. “Jan Owen, the old lady, was a great sport. After every fall, the grips and AD would rush in to make sure she was ok, but she always laughed it off. I never had any doubts about her, and we made a deal that she could make me fall as many times as she wanted in our next spot together.”

DP Braden Belmonte commented that, “Mark [Littman] had an excellent sensibility with the actors. He quickly recognized their given talents and drew a variety of unexpected performances. His technical know-how also helped to streamline the shoot day. From head to toe, it was an A-list team. Everyone had fun.”

While cutting the spot, editor Scott Rankin noticed higher-than-average traffic through his room at Northern Lights. “I guess the repetitive screaming and falling was irresistible. Plus, the spot was kind of dark in a way that you don’t see every day.”

Producer Bryan Litman concludes, “We had a great concept from award-winning creatives, and extensive resources from Mr. Wonderful’s relationships in production. Mark [Littman] wanted a piece that was shot theatrically and character-driven – to let the story unfold naturally. The Mr. Wonderful team pulled it all together nicely.”

Spot Title: “Hardware Store” :30

Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/New York

Creative Directors: Tony Granger & Ann Hayden

Copywriter: Brian Ahern

Art Director: Rebecca Peterson

Executive Producer: David Perry

Production Company: Mr. Wonderful

Director: Mark Littman

DP: Braden Belmonte

Executive Producer: Damien Henderson

Producer: Bryan Litman

Where Shot: Garber Hardware/New York, NY

Editorial Company: Northern Lights

Editor: Scott Rankin

Assistant Editor: Christina Mar

Executive Producer: Arthur Tremeau

Postproduction Company: Company 3 & Northern Lights

Colorist: Billy Gabor @ Company 3

Smoke Artist: Cecil Hooker @ Northern Lights

Music Company: N/A

Sound Design Company: Northern Lights

Sound Designer: Scott Rankin

Executive Producer: Arthur Tremeau

Audio Post Company: Sound Lounge

Mixer: Patrick Christensen

Mr. Wonderful

135 West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001

T: 212.457.6700.