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MPC Gets Its Groove on for ASOS

MPC recently teamed up with BBH and Stink Digital Director Sebastian Strasser to execute postproduction on a 4:00 online video for Internet fashion giant ASOS. The piece, set in London and featuring impressive 2D and 3D work, is one component of a larger international Web campaign for the retailer.

Urban Tour

opens with a bird’s-eye descent from the skies over London into a cavernous warehouse. MPC created this dramatic sequence from 2D zooms into matte paintings created from helicopter photographs, and two morph transitions to get from the matte painting to the main sequence in the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, the latest trends in dance, fashion and music unite in an epic five-person urban dance party. The contestants, decked out in ASOS, spin, slide, twist and jump in a relentless back and forth that is touched with hints of various dance styles, from break dancing to ballet. Users can click on each dancer, breaking out a sub-sequence in which the performer models the clothes as the other dancers are frozen in time. MPC utilized rig removal to give the impression that the dancers are frozen in contorted positions. To accommodate the 3D sequences, MPC match-moved several of them for projection purposes.

“This was an extremely challenging project, as there was no use of motion control and we had to join plates shot with a moving camera so that we could create breakout moments within the piece,” stated VFX Supervisor Alex Harding. “We were dealing with 12 shots at 20 seconds apiece, each of which required a seamless transition, intensive clean-up, and environment rebuild.”

To maintain the natural, documentary-like feel that the director sought alongside the urban East London style, MPC employed natural lighting and hand-held camera work to candidly capture the energetic dancing.

“With our roster of versatile post pros from all over the world, this is exactly the sort of project that MPC was built for,” stated MPC Head of Production Louisa Cartwright. “We can handle something that is simultaneously youthful, fashionable, international, up-tempo and longer than a traditional spot.”

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Client: ASOS


Urban Tour

Launch Date: September 2011

Agency: BBH

CD/AD: Dominic Goldman

Copywriter: David Kolbusz

BBH (Addictive Pixel) Designer: Eric Chia

Head of Strategy: Jason Gonsalves

Head of Integrated Production: Olivia Chalk

Interactive Producer(s): Susan Liu, Charlie Dodd

Strategist: Michelle Gilson

BBH Team Director(s): Ngaio Pardo, Liz Harper

Production Company (London Film): Stinkdigital

Director: Sebastian Strasser

Exec. Producer(s): Daniel Bergmann, Gregory Cundiff, Marcel Kornblum, Josh Tenser

Producer: Richard Fenton

DOP: Joost Van Gelder

Post Production: MPC

Head of Production: Louisa Cartwright

VFX Supervisor: Alex Harding

VFX Artist(s): Kelly Bruce, Drew Downes, Alex Lovejoy, Richard Bainbridge, Ian Richardson, Matthew Unwin

Producer: Dionne Archibald

Telecine: James Tillett

Editor/Editing House: Tony Kearns @ Peep Show

Sound: Hear No Evil

About MPC

MPC is an award winning VFX and Digital studio servicing the advertising, motion picture and television industries. From its London, New York, Santa Monica, Vancouver, and Bangalore offices, MPC’s dynamic and diverse team delivers industry-defining VFX, animation, motion graphics, color grading, production, projection mapping, social and mobile application development, online advertising, data management, software R&D and pipeline development.

With a trio of integrated divisions, MPC utilizes a unified approach that drives the use of existing or newly created assets across the whole range of today’s media landscape. MPC Creative handles client projects directly with top-notch directing, CG animation and character design. MPC FX Studio is a dedicated corps of graphic and digital designers who bring clients’ visions to life. MPC Data Lab processes the content and makes it available for editing on demand. MPC is a Technicolor Company.

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