motion504 Gives A Glimpse Into The World Of Deloitte In Stylized Brand Video

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Deloitte/Barcelona recently commissioned broadcast design & animation studio motion504 to create a primary branding video that serves as the main communications piece for the world’s largest professional services company. The piece, “Questions,” will next be seen on YouTube as part of Deloitte’s upcoming ad campaign.[caption id="attachment_28665" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Deloitte's "Questions" Brand Video"]


To view “Questions,” please visit:

Collaborating on a script and initial frames provided by The Partners, motion504 created a high-end and polished animated piece that was reflective of the century-old company’s commitment to providing responsible, sustainable, and forward-thinking solutions for its clients.

“We were tasked with giving life to the transitions between the visual ideas and finding a way to tie all of the concepts together in a cohesive way,” explains Andy Reynolds, motion504 President. “Previously, the graphics for their internal videos had more of a corporate feel. We created completely new visual and animation styles, and developed brand guidelines for Deloitte to use in future promotional content.”

The challenge for motion504 was to take the white, flat and clean-looking Deloitte brand and create a high-end dimensional translation of their branding without making the piece feel like a moving version of their print work. Using V-Ray, a third-party renderer for Cinema 4D, allowed motion504 to achieve a look that was more reminiscent of a shot piece than one that was synthetic motion design.

“We were able to create this look using nice lighting and shadows,” concludes Reynolds. “We had to find that balance of giving Deloitte, a well-known and trusted company, more personality and emotion, but not making it too playful or cute. This piece was an introduction to the world of Deloitte.”

Client: Deloitte Project Title: “Questions” Creative Director: Carlos Martinez Onaindia Copywriter: Brian Resnick

VFX & Animation Company: motion504 Creative Director: Andy Reynolds Animators: Amy Schmitt & Scott Wenner Executive Producer: Eric Mueller

Toolset: Cinema 4D, After Effects

Audio Post Company: BWN Music Composer: Jack Ventmiglia Sound Design & Mix: Dan Kramer and Carl White Executive Producer: Annie Sparrows

About motion504:

motion504 is a broadcast design, effects and animation studio specializing in the art of motion. Featuring the talent of senior-level creative directors, designers and animators, the company works for TV, film, music and advertising clients.

With its open studio space, motion504 is built upon the idea of collaboration through communication, critique and contribution amongst its artists and clients.


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