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modo Training Now Available on

modo Training Now Available on

modo 501 Essential Training Covers Modeling, Shader Tree, Lighting and Rendering


Sept. 21, 2011, A new video-based course structured for beginning modo® 501 users is now available through, offering a quick on-ramp to proficiency with modo’s modeling tools, Shader Tree and ultra-intuitive workflow. For more information, please visit


The seven-and-a-half-hour course, “modo 501 Essential Training,” is taught by Dan Ablan, a devoted modo user and president of Chicago-based AGA Digital Studios, Inc. In the course, Ablan demonstrates key skills such as how to model using both polygons and subdivision surfaces, and how to apply materials with the Shader Tree. After the basics, he sets up scenes with a variety of objects and animates them using keyframes, while editing their motion in the Graph Editor. The class also delves into lighting for product shots, environmental lighting and volumetric lighting. It concludes with rendering techniques for various playback media.

About modo

modo is an innovative 3D modeling, painting and rendering software designed to accelerate the creation of world-class designs and ultra high-quality renderings. modo’s modern workflow and advanced toolset easily deliver enhanced productivity for professionals and schools working in design visualization, package design, film/broadcast and graphic arts. A favorite tool among many designers and artists, modo’s innovative toolset offers one of the fastest paths to 3D content creation on the PC and Mac.

About Luxology

Based in Mountain View, Calif., Luxology® LLC is an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software that enhances productivity via artist-friendly tools powered by a modern underlying architecture called Nexus®. Founded in 2002 by Allen Hastings, Stuart Ferguson and Brad Peebler, Luxology is home to some of the top 3D engineering expertise in the industry. More information on the company, its licensable Nexus technology, its flagship product modo and a gallery of artists’ images from the active modo community is available online at


About is an online subscription library that teaches the latest software tools and skills through premium instructional videos featuring recognized industry experts. Members have 24/7 access to comprehensive training in 3D, video, business, photography, web design, graphic design, and more to help people better understand and maximize their software. With over one million individual, corporate, academic and government subscribers, has recently been ranked the 13th fastest-growing, privately-held education company in the U.S. by Inc. magazine.