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Mobile TV Group Installs Second Grass Valley Kayenne Switcher for HD Mobile Production

November 10, 2009 – Denver-based Mobile Television Group (MTVG) has installed its second Grass Valley™ Kayenne™ multi-format Video Production Center, on board its truck, 10HDX. This truck is designed to simulcast “dual-feed� shows in both standard-definition (480i) and high-definition (720p or 1080i) resolutions.

MTVG’s first Kayenne switcher was purchased in July of this year and was also the first Kayenne used live, on-air. Thanks to a smooth installation and a very positive reception by customers and technical directors who use it, the company has returned for an additional Kayenne system.

The 53-foot, newly upgraded 10HDX production truck is primarily based in Southern California and previously housed a Grass Valley Kalypsoâ„¢ HD switcher used mainly to produce live HD telecasts for professional basketball, hockey, and baseball games. In addition to the Kayenne, 10HDX carries ten Grass Valley LDK 6000/8000 HD cameras with triax adapters.

“We’ve received such positive feedback from clients that have used it because the Kayenne multi-suite mode greatly enhances the capabilities of dual feed production� said Philip Garvin, President of Colorado Studio and owner/manager of Mobile Television Group. “We will install our third Kayenne in early 2010. Thanks to the great products, engineering personnel, and customer service we enjoy from Grass Valley, our relationship has been mutually beneficial.�

“There is no greater compliment to Grass Valley innovation and the Kayenne Video Production Center than a customer who already has one wanting to buy another one,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “Mobile Television Group has always been on the cutting edge of remote production technology, and having a second Kayenne will help keep them there.”

With mobile units located in most major markets in the U.S., Mobile Television Group helps produce live sports and entertainment events across the country. The company also uses Grass Valley Kalypso and Kayakâ„¢ HD production switchers as well as LDK 6000 and LDK 8000 cameras on board its other trucks. As a long-time Grass Valley customer, Colorado Studios now has over 170 Grass Valley LDK 6000 mkII WorldCam and LDK 8000 HD cameras, more than 20 Grass Valley production switchers, as well as routers and modular equipment on board their fleet of mobile production trucks.

About The Kayenne Video Production Center
The Grass Valley Kayenne Video Production Center is a family of powerful, highly modular production switchers, with 1.5 M/Es to 4.5 M/Es. Grass Valley DoubleTakeâ„¢ split M/E technology effectively increasing the available M/Es to 10. The modular control panel is designed for easy expansion and service. Each source select and aux bus module has two rows of OLED Source Name Displays that provide ultra-clear text with extremely wide viewing angles. Kayenne provides the most video processing power available with up to 30 keyers and 20 DPM effects channels in a 4.5 M/E system. One thousand E-MEMs with Define E-MEM, partial keyframing, and 999 Macros provide fast and easily edited control of effects. The Kayenne switcher also features an optional Device Control Module (DCM) that supports full-motion control for up to 32 devices such as DDRs/VTRs with Q-MEM, a library of device cues independent of E-MEM, which operates in conjunction with the DCM.