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Mitsubishi Imaging Products Divison Joins Retail Broadband Alliance

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IRVINE, Calif., December 11, 2006 - Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America‘s Imaging Products Division today announced its membership in the Retail Broadband Alliance to make it easier for customers to use and integrate their digital imaging products through broadband and related applications.

The Retail Broadband Alliance, an industry consortium that brings together companies that represent products and services used in the entire retail sales supply chain for data networks, was formed in 2004 by New Edge Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of EarthLink Inc. (NASDAQ: ELNK).

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America‘s membership in the Retail Broadband Alliance will give its customers access to a wide range of proven and emerging broadband technologies. It will also expand the company‘s distribution outlets to include other member companies, as there are currently more than 225 member companies in the Retail Broadband Alliance.

Working together, Retail Broadband Alliance member companies develop awareness programs that help both merchants and other member companies learn of new certified solutions, technology options and how to maximize value from new virtual private networks or VPNs.

“Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America and New Edge Networks each bring to the table established brand names and a reputation for reliable, durable solutions,” said Margie Chiaramonte, marketing manager for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America‘s Imaging Products Division. “The Retail Broadband Alliance is a beneficial strategy for all its member brands, enabling each company to refer the other to its clients as a recommended source. As a result, this referral capability allows us to expand our customers‘ options as well.”

Paul Salzinger, director of business development for New Edge Networks added, “New Edge Networks welcomes Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America into the growing Retail Broadband Alliance. Mitsubishi represents yet another trusted choice for merchants who turn to the Retail Broadband Alliance for support in migrating to broadband and maximizing its value.”

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric and offers a variety of products including digital photo printers for professional photographers, photofinishing kiosk systems for use at retail outlets, medical imaging printers for medical technicians, and digital video recorders for the security market.

Vancouver, Wash.-based New Edge Networks designs, builds, and manages private broadband networks for businesses. High-speed broadband networks help businesses grow revenue, cut expenses and improve overall client services. New VPNs can provide three times the speed for about half the cost of traditional wide area networks.

About Retail Broadband Alliance

The Retail Broadband Alliance is a communications industry consortium that makes it simple for merchants to migrate and increase value from their broadband networks. It brings together more than 225 companies that provide products and services used in the retail supply chain for high-speed data networks. Through joint marketing and educational programs, the Retail Broadband Alliance helps increase awareness of viable broadband-ready solutions and new offerings that increase revenue, cut expenses, and improve customer experience for retail merchants. New Edge Networks, which provides broadband networks to 100 percent of business addresses in the United States, formed the Retail Broadband Alliance in November 2004. New Edge Networks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EarthLink Inc. (NASDAQ: ELNK). Information about the Retail Broadband Alliance and membership is available at


About Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Imaging Products Division

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, a worldwide leader in premium quality imaging and presentation products that set the standard in innovation, performance and reliability.

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America‘s Imaging Products Division has more than two decades of manufacturing experience and technology leadership. Every Mitsubishi printer, photo kiosk, time-lapse recorder and digital video recorder is backed by a network of dedicated professionals and an outstanding service and support program. Mitsubishi's products are available to customers through a network of authorized dealers and distributors throughout North America.

For more information call toll-free 888-307-0388 or visit




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