Mirror Films' Greg Pritikin Directs Two of This Fall's Most Popular Web Series for IKEA & Nestle's Butterfinger

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Mirror Films’ Director Greg Pritikin has brought his incredible talent for storytelling to two of this fall’s most popular web series: the newly-launched second season of IKEA’s “Easy to Assemble,� created by and starring Ileana Douglas, with an all-star cast including Justin Batemen, Jeff Goldblum and Ed Begley, Jr.; and the “Butterfinger Defense League� short film “Barglar� for Nestle, starring TV pop culture icons Erik Estrada, Lou Ferrigno, Charisma Carpenter and Adam West. To view the hilarious new web series for IKEA, go here:


For Nestle’s “Butterfinger Defense League� short film “Barglar� click here:


Mirror Films’ Pritikin was brought on to direct the second season of IKEA’s “Easy to Assemble,� just named one of the best series on the web by “Fast Company Magazine.� Pritikin collaborated closely with Ileana Douglas in order to “polish the script and make it funnier,� explains the Director. “We approached the project as if we were shooting a feature film. The IKEA clients were incredibly open to our artistic exploration, and had great senses of humor, which always helps when you are experimenting creatively.� For Nestle, Mirror’s Pritikin was again called on for his expertise as a filmmaker, and asked to write and direct the 4-minute “Barglar� short film for the “Butterfinger Defense League.� The cornerstone of the interactive campaign, the film garnered over 1.2 million views within its first 10 days. It inspired hundreds of user-generated videos as participants uploaded why they should be selected to join the Butterfinger Defense League and win $20,000 and a trip to Comic Con in July 2011. The campaign debuted at #4 on “The Viral Video Chart� by “Advertising Age.�

According to Pritikin, the key to creating quality content for the web is to approach the projects with top-notch talent, “both in front of and behind the camera.� “Serious filmmakers are now migrating to the web, and with them are coming increased budgets,� says the Director, who also notes that artists, such as Ileana Douglas and others, are bringing their creative ideas to advertisers directly. Mirror Films Executive Producer Eric Barrett points out that Pritikin has the perfect blend of comedy and storytelling talent for these kinds of web-based projects. “Greg brings a very unique sensibility to his work no matter what the distribution vehicle. Whether the content is a film due for theatrical release, or a web series, Greg applies his innate skills for storytelling to every project.� About Director Greg Pritikin: Greg Pritikin is a filmmaker who knows how to make people laugh. He is best known for directing the critically acclaimed film “DUMMY� starring Adrien Brody, Illeana Douglas and Milla Jovovich. Pritikin's comedic style made its way to the digital screen with a new web series for IKEA called “Easy To Assemble,� starring Illeana Douglas, Jeff Goldblum, Jane Lynch and Justine Bateman. His love of filmmaking began when he was seven while threading the family home movie projector with 16mm prints from his father’s extensive collection of 1940’s musicals and comedies. He made his first 8mm film at the age of eight. Pritikin is currently in post-production on a TV pilot produced by Allan Loeb called "Monster of the House,� which he wrote and directed. He has been hired to direct a horror film for producer Joel Silver at Warner Bros, as well as a drama starring Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place star, David Henrie.


About Mirror Films: Mirror Films is a creative collective of brilliant, award-winning visual storytellers, each bringing an elevated sense of style and vision to the screen. Mirror Films delivers distinctive, memorable entertainment to clients, which is reflected in repeat TV commercial campaigns, music videos, feature films, documentaries, branded videos, and digital media created for top brands like Anheuser Busch, Toyota, Chevron, Nike, Puma, Target, Sony and Sprite. Mirror Films partners well with ad agencies and clients because the company’s expertise extends across key genres including automotive, food, action sports, people, comedy, beauty and kids. Mirror Films is streamlined and efficient – small enough to brainstorm one-on-one and big enough to tap resources globally. The Mirror Films’ team comes with ideas to meet the demands of today’s new, integrated media landscape while backing those ideas with a solid reputation and long-running track record for delivering good work. Although Mirror specializes in commercials, because of the varied backgrounds of its talent and its executives, the company is uniquely situated to pursue projects based on interest. This year, Mirror expanded and produced both large-format films and documentaries. The Mirror Films’ directorial roster includes: Greg Pritikin, Louis-Pascal Couvelaire, Robin Hays, Kevin Kerslake, Bobby Espinosa, Doug Walker, Mark Williams, Chris Woods and John Zissimos. Mirror Films was founded by and is owned by Executive Producer Eric Barrett.




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