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MetaSAN Compatibility with Enhance iSCSI & Fibre SAN Arrays

Enhance Technology and Tiger Technology Certify Interoperability

Santa Fe Springs, CA. January 22, 2009 – Enhance Technology, headquartered in Santa Fe Spring, California, is the pioneer in design and implementation of hybrid input/output technology in the storage subsystems. Coupled with innovative and affordable storage solutions, Enhance Technology offers unparallel support to meet with our customer’s demands and needs. Enhance Technology is a technology partner of Tiger Technology. By making sure the Enhance UltraStor RS8/RS16 IP iSCSI & FS Fibre Channel RAID subsystems compatibility with Tiger Technology’s metaSAN, cross platform file sharing Storage Area Network (SAN) management software, Enhance technology has proved again its superlative character in its data storage products.

As the increasing requirements of the connections and the speed between SAN and end-users, it’s necessary to acclimatize the metaSAN to satisfy the demand. The Tiger Technology’s metaSAN enables multiple users to share access to common data files in workgroups where heavy bandwidth requirements are the norm. With metaSAN, users can manage accesses to their shared storage the same way they normally would for any other local drive. Using metaSAN, video and film editors, digital artists, healthcare specialists, and corporate users can simultaneously access a common pool of data files such as video clips, databases, or medical archives as easily and transparently as if the content was stored on their local drive. Both the UltraStor RS8/RS16 iSCSI & Fibre Series were fully tested with metaSAN SAN Management Software and the results were impressive revealing the improved performance with SAN.

To ensure high performance, reliability, and customer confidence on our full line of storage subsystem models, Enhance Technology always takes the initiative step to help our customers avoid compatibility issues normally associated with newly released firmware revision such as the new metaSAN 3.2 which includes support for Mac OS X and Windows Server 2008.

Tiger Technology’s metaSAN turns the UltraStor products into a powerful, cross-platform, file-level sharing SAN by eliminating the risk of file-system corruption that would otherwise occur when multiple computers access the same disks. With metaSAN, multiple computers can benefit from high-speed block-level access, cross-platform support, automatic load balancing, transparent failover, and per-client bandwidth usage control. Multiple Enhance storage arrays can also be striped together to meet greater performance requirements. These innovations ensure a perfectly transparent and reliable networked shared storage that can fuel the most creative environments in addition to greatly reducing the cost of managing mission-critical resources.

With extensive research and development history, friendly and knowledgeable technical support staff, and our commitment to provide the highest quality in storage products, customers can rely on Enhance Technology to provide the most up to date, high performance and fully compatible storage device with a peace of mind. Enhance Technology is definitely the company you can trust and count on when it comes to server or SAN storage devices.

About Tiger Technology.
Tiger Technology, Sarl, is a Swiss-based software developer of high performance storage area networking (SAN) management tools. The company’s cross-platform file sharing management software solutions set new standards for multiple users sharing and managing access to bandwidth intensive data consolidated on a centralized storage location.

About Enhance Technology Inc.
Founded in 1997, Enhance Technology designs and manufactures high performance storage systems and products for the digital content creation, medical imaging, security surveillance, and IT market spaces. Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California with Asia branch in Taipei Taiwan, Enhance Technology has become a world leader in hybrid I/O storage design and development. For more information about Enhance Technology Inc., please visit

or call 1-866-537-5140.

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