Maximum Throughput To Release Sledgehammer Version 3.6 Software At NAB 08

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Sledgehammer 3.6 offers greater productivity and increased performance MONTREAL, Canada, March 27, 2008 – Maximum Throughput Inc. (

), developers of ultra high performance software-based solutions for networked storage infrastructure and media management, will unveil its new Sledgehammer Version 3.6 software release at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2008 convention being held from April 14-17 in Las Vegas. Sledgehammer is a high-performance NAS (Network Attached Storage) file server and versatile video device with built-in media management and preparation tools, making it an ideal network-shared media server for demanding post-production and broadcast infrastructure setups. Sledgehammer will be on display at Maximum Throughput’s Booth #SL11711. The new 3.6 software release extends Sledgehammer’s capabilities with: support for higher video I/O standards, enhanced network performance and system setup options, and new media productivity and manipulation features. With the new software release, Sledgehammer delivers an aggregate sustained network throughput exceeding 700MB/s with the ability to allocate guaranteed network bandwidth for dedicated clients such as HD workstations requiring sustained real-time streams. Additionally, the Sledgehammer HD!O model adds support for real-time capture and playback of 1080/50P, 1080/59.94P and 1080/60P at 4:4:4 12-bit—currently the highest HD resolution for ATSC broadcast. Within Sledgehammer’s MAXmedia browser-based media management and preparation application, the 3.6 software release adds MXF encoding support for conversion and dynamic preview of video conversion. It also adds capabilities to the timeline, including the ability to drag and drop clips to and from any location on the timeline; display and magnify audio tracks’ waveform; trim and slip segments within the timeline; and several keyboard shortcuts and modifiers, enabling faster media sequencing and editing. The MAXmedia visual clip browser has been enhanced with support for advanced search criteria and auto complete features, allowing for more efficient media management and retrieval. “The Sledgehammer 3.6 release further optimizes our powerful, flagship NAS and HD!O configurations for broadcast and post-production,� said John Miller, vice president of sales and marketing for Maximum Throughput. “This software release provides superior reliability and performance, even for heavy workloads by multiple clients, expanded support for uncompressed HD, and real-time manipulation of most common compressed broadcast formats, as well as many productivity features.� This latest software release adds functionality to Sledgehammer’s MAXmin browser-based system management utility, including the ability to control and allocate network traffic, manage users and group permissions and set up different high-availability configurations. Sledgehammer file servers are available in either the flagship NAS configuration or in its HD!O model. NAS file servers can easily be upgraded to Sledgehammer HD!O (SD, HD, and 2K film resolutions) for the real-time capture of uncompressed SD or HD video at either 8-bit,10-bit or 12-bit color depth. Both systems are available in many different configurations that suit varying requirements for capacity, performance and high-availability. Sledgehammer NAS is the ideal high-performance file server solution for computer graphics, nonlinear color correction, compositing, editing and 2D/3D rendering farms. Sledgehammer HD!O is the ideal device bridging the IT and video infrastructures while extending solutions to high-end editing and visual effects systems, digital intermediates, telecine and color grading. About Maximum Throughput Maximum Throughput Inc. (

) is a media management tool developer and networked storage provider. Max-T's media aware storage solutions deliver extremely high performance over commodity networks, using smart software that runs on industry standard hardware. Software-based, media management tools are tightly integrated within the product line, delivering enriched functionality in a single, versatile solution. Having pioneered the development of shared storage solutions that can be simultaneously accessed over both data and video networks, Max-T offers products with unparalleled performance, capacity management, and capacity availability, as well as having the lowest total cost-of-ownership in their class.