Marc and Andy's Story Continues at Looking Glass Films

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LOS ANGELES, CA, June 6, 2008 - EMMY-winning producers/directors Marc and Andy have joined Looking Glass Films for exclusive spot representation. The duo enters the spot arena with a varied background in branded content, collaborating on short films, cutting edge music videos, critically acclaimed web serials, successful main stream marketing campaigns, and international theatrical productions. Marc and Andy (pict. right to left) have already completed their first assignment at Looking Glass Films, creating multiple spots for the for the "Burma - It Can't Wait" campaign, featuring Jackson Browne, Sylvester Stallone, and Latin pop group Mana. At press time, their online series Satacracy 88 had just been nominated for a 2008 EMMY Award in the newly created New Approaches category, which emphasizes innovative production techniques and the use of media enhancement to support content. "People respond to good storytelling, and what struck me most about Marc and Andy are their profound narrative skills and enthusiasm," said Looking Glass Films Executive Producer June Guterman. "They have been extremely successful telling stories for a newer medium, a rarity among those working in Web content." Guterman noted that the directors' skills apply both to new media and traditional advertising. "Visual gags are no longer enough to sustain interest," she said. "The missing link is storytelling, and these guys do it well, whether it's :30 or two hours." According to Marc, he and Andy are driven by their affinity for the Web and a desire to tell stories online. "Our work has always been rooted in a desire to connect with people," he explained. "We want to entertain and to inspire interest, and if we do our job well, people keep coming back." The team has a resume that belies their 27 years, and this prolific output is underscored by a slew of awards and accolades. Last year, the team took home the EMMY for Outstanding Broadband Drama for Satacracy 88, which likewise won the MyEmmy - Best Online Drama, and The Winnies Award, Best Online Interactive Series. The duo (Marc Cittadino and Andy Dugan) also won the 2007 "People's Voice" Webby Award for Best Online Film and Video for their interactive online video network itsallinyourhands, and the Panavision New Film Maker Award for the short film Real Fiction. "We work in a medium that's values immediacy," said Andy, referring to the quick turnaround time on Web content, something that requires fast thinking and efficient execution. "Advertisers and ad agencies are looking for ideas that are doable - and that deliver results very quickly." "We laugh a lot," Marc added, saying that collaboration breeds enthusiasm. "We're excited to be at Looking Glass and to be venturing into commercials. The process of building a network of creative people is as important as the work itself." Marc and Andy have created campaigns for the 2007 Return to the House on Haunted Hill DVD release in association with Warner Brothers; designed an interactive microsite for the 2007 Hairspray: The Movie theatrical release in association with New Line Cinema; and produced a first-of-its-kind community based HIV Awareness and Prevention Campaign sponsored by the City of West Hollywood and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, also in 2007. The directors recently completed a documentary on Charlie Polish for Warner Bros.' Digisynd division. Marc and Andy join a diverse and distinguished Looking Glass Films roster comprised of David Mamet, Alek Keshishian, Alfonso Arau, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Steven Antin, Danny Boyle, Kerry Conran, Chad Einbinder, Renny Harlin, Anjelica Huston, Marc/Andy, Francine McDougall, Marine Panossian, Roman Polanski, Jay Roach, Chris Rock, Mark Simmons, and Cliff Watts



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