Major Polish Broadcaster Opts for RTS Intercom Upgrade

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Polsat, the largest private TV broadcaster in Poland, recently moved into new headquarters in Warsaw equipped with a RTS ADAMAdvanced Digital Audio Matrix — a modular system that leaves all expansion options open.

Warsaw, Poland

Polsat is the largest private TV network in Poland, covering the entire country with broadcasts that can be picked up by antenna or satellite. Now Polsat has set the course for the future with its move to spacious and lavishly equipped new premises in Warsaw. When investing in new equipment, Polsat’s management opted whenever possible for modular designs that would leave the door open to future expansion. In this regard RTS systems fitted the bill perfectly. The centerpiece of the newly installed network is a 72 x 72


system from RTS.

Peripheral devices

include an ISDN-2002 interface, a

TIF-2000 digital telephone hybrid

and a

UIO-256 GPI interface

, along with a variety of







. Polsat's faith in EVI Audio equipment is based upon its positive experiences with products from the Straubing, Germany-based company in the past. For some time now, an


matrix in the larger outside broadcast vehicle and a

Zeus matrix

in the smaller have played key roles in Polsat’s transmission strategy. A training course conducted by Manuel Brico, Product Manager Telex


, was part of the service offered by EVI Audio. Brico commented: “This solution is designed for the long term. Polsat’s engineers are already considering concrete ways of expanding the system. It is planned, for example, to integrate

RVONVoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology

in the near future, followed by


and additional


.� The ultimate goal towards which the current investment is directed is the creation of a powerful network comprehending the totality of Polsat’s regional studios and outside broadcast vehicles. Many of the largest broadcasting companies in the world (e.g. NBC) are firm believers in the merits of the

ADAM matrix

. For medium- to large-scale installations and events (such as the Olympic Games),


is absolutely the preferred solution, offering the transmission of audio signals in CD quality. A single

ADAM frame

, seven rack units in height, will support any combination of up to 136


and 4-wire interfaces. Telephone and satellite links (via

telephone interface

) are also supported by the system, as are multi-channel party-line systems, radio transceivers,

VoIP equipment



(input/output), whilst redundant controllers, power supplies, clock masters and other key components guarantee

ADAM matrices

the highest possible degree of operating security. For more information, visit the RTS Intercom website: