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LiveCut reduces production costs

LiveCut sets new standards in Multicamera Workflows

Software maker ToolsOnAir and post-production supervisor Christof Halasz are introducing a tapeless multi-camera workflow system for daily soap productions and near-live events at the NAB in Las Vegas. The new product, named “LiveCut”, significantly reduces the overall production time of multi-camera productions by completely eliminating the time consuming tasks traditional associated with tape based workflows.

While recording up to 16 cameras simultaneously, “LiveCut” records a visionmixers edits in an edit decision list (EDL). This is then processed into a multiclip sequence in FinalCut Pro, syncronized, tracklayed and ready for review and postproduction in just moments.
Directors can take notes and set markers during the recording, as well as differentiate good from bad takes; these show up in FinalCut Pro, making it easy for editors to continue with postproduction.

Productions using LiveCut save valuable time that is otherwise wasted on capturing tapes, media transfer, logging, searching for footage or other tedious manual tasks.

Easy Integration
Thanks to LiveCuts usage of worldwide standards, it easily integrates into existing multi-camera setups. Gilbert Leb, VP Sales at ToolsOnAir, commented: “Together with Telestream’s “Pipeline” ingest solution, LiveCut offers a low-cost, low-space & low-power solution for use in OB-vans,â€?

About LiveCut
Developed by post-production supervisor Christof Halasz and software maker ToolsOnAir, LiveCut has quickly gained reputation amongst producers of daily soaps and near-live events. With LiveCut’s tapeless multicamera workflow, footage is automatically tracklayed and ready for review & postproduction, just seconds after recording.

About ToolsOnAir
ToolsOnAir provides affordable solutions for small and medium-sized TV broadcasters. It’s Composition Suite is an easy to use, real time animation product, built on Apple technologies that adds up to the minute animated live information to broadcasts. It enables broadcasters to add the distinctive, professional look that gives TV stations their unique appearance to set them apart from other channels.