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NEW YORK, NY – August 16, 2011 – New York-based visual effects and animation studio Light of Day co-founder Charles Nordeen recently directed a new television commercial for New York Spring Water’s latest sports drink, the VBlast!. With the VBlast!, New York Spring Water has found a way to keep vitamins fresher for longer periods of time. The innovative reservoir cap on the VBlast! bottle keeps concentrated vitamins separate from the water, since vitamins are most effective when added to water and begin to lose their effectiveness once diluted. Only when the consumer is ready to start drinking the VBlast! are the vitamins released. Being able to observe the vitamins dissolving in water and changing the color of the liquid is also a fun perk.  

View the spot here:

Featuring Sacramento Kings’ point guard and NBA’s 2010 Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans, the spot parallels Evans’ movement as a basketball player with the intensity of the VBlast! bottle. Nordeen says, “Tyreke’s agility, his movements, his ability to spin, and everything else that he does as a basketball player directly relates to the VBlast! cap. I did a lot of shots with him looking directly into the camera—we get very intimate at certain points; that’s the intensity of the vitamins going into the water. The light vapors that linger and glow on Tyreke as he plays—that’s the hydration and saturation of the vitamins within him. I wanted to parallel the bottle with him as a basketball player and how the product actually nourishes him. You can’t have one without the other—that’s the creative concept behind the spot.”  

The Light of Day team put much of their resources and talent to work on this spot, as almost the entire commercial is based around visual effects. Shooting on a green screen and working with a completely virtual environment built in 3D allow for the spot’s surreal, unique visual imagery. A phantom flex camera was used to shoot the commercial, as opposed to the original phantom camera that required more light on set. Commenting on the technical process, Nordeen says, “The phantom flex lets in so much more light, so the background stays in complete focus. It allows the cinematographer and myself more flexibility to work with the phantom camera as if it were a normal camera.”  

In addition to working with Tyreke Evans, one of the “coolest parts of the gig” for Nordeen was learning to work with everyone on his team prior to the actual filming of the spot. “Being the owner of a visual effects company and doing this day-to-day, I’m able to do things on set that normally get overlooked. I was able to talk to the artists beforehand and ask them what they needed to get their jobs done; and that’s something that just doesn’t normally happen. I used a lot of people here that I continually use and grow with, and I just love working with them. That’s always the best part.”


Founded in 2011, Light of Day is based in Manhattan, New York.  A visual effects and animation studio serving the advertising, broadcast, music video and feature film industries, Light of Day specifically focuses on the advertising business.  Light of Day creates a seamless work-flow between high-end compositing and 3D, and generates photo-real and stylized looks for films, online media and TV commercials.

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