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latakoo and Associated Press ENPS Collaborate on Remote Production and File Deliver Services

latakoo Manifest Integrates with AP ENPS to Accelerate News Production Capabilities Across Station Groups

FOR RELEASE ON: June 10, 2020

AUSTIN, TX -latakoo, a leading developer of software solutions for the broadcast production industry, today announced that it has partnered with the Associated Press ENPS news production system team to facilitate assignment tracking and file delivery across both platforms.

latakoo Manifest is an intelligent collaboration tool that facilitates the discovery, following and request of media stories – making it simple for large television stations to share stories between markets. A station in one market can easily find a story from another market, collaborate and request to get it delivered once it is available.

latakoo’s integration with ENPS allows large organizations to collect assignments created in ENPS, as well as update existing assignments in ENPS with files uploaded from latakoo. The integration of these two platforms means assignments can be easily matched with video files delivered by latakoo – making tracking stories and their related files, efficient and intuitive.

The integration enables television station groups to deliver robust stories from any platform to any newsroom while tracking stories from concept to delivery. Notifications ensure everyone knows when files get uploaded to their assignments simplifying collaboration, production, and management regardless of their location.

“We have worked closely with AP ENPS to fully integrate our products and we see this collaboration as a natural extension of our work to streamline our clients’ workflows,” said Paul Adrian, CEO of latakoo. “The combination of latakoo Manifest and AP ENPS delivers greater value for stations and producers in terms of anywhere to anywhere delivery and collaboration.” The latakoo Manifest product is currently available for licensing.”

latakoo Manifest works alongside another new product, latakoo Wires, which creates an organizational newsfeed – adopting standard newsfeed templates – that publishes assignment indexes, as well as a complete organization’s video, scripts, and other metadata in a form that can be accessed through AP’s ENPS.

“The broadcast market needs to serve multiple audiences and a wide range of outlets, and latakoo Manifest is the best tool for just-in-time video collaboration,” said Jade Kurian, President of latakoo. “We created a platform for accelerated video transfer, and now we’ve brought it full circle, offering complete insight into what and where the project or story is from birth to broadcast.”

latakoo Manifest and the integration with AP ENPS will be demonstrated during a webinar on Thursday, June 11, 2020. You can register to attend at:

ABOUT latakoo 

latakoo is the fastest, easiest way to transfer video files from anywhere to anywhere. The company enables professional broadcasters and production companies to automate delivery of video content to different asset managers, digital platforms, and ingest or playout servers seamlessly. The latakoo solution is used by leading broadcasters. The company is based in Austin, TX. Further information can be found at

latakoo is Avid Platform Certified, and latakoo is an Avid Alliance Partner. The system is additionally integrated into asset managers made by Dalet, Grass Valley and bitcentral.

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