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LA’s Cristina Anderlini and GIRL FACTORY Produce Marketing Campaigns Promoting “Captain America” and “Thor” Video Games for SEGA

Los Angeles, July 25, 2011 — LA-based Cristina Anderlini and her company GIRL FACTORY continue their role as one of the top promotional marketing companies behind the release of major video game titles. After the 2010 success of its “Iron Man 2” video game marketing campaign, Cristina and GIRL FACTORY re-teamed with Sega to Produce and Direct the behind the scene trailers for both their new “CAPTAIN AMERICA” and “THOR” video game releases.

The “CAPTAIN AMERICA” project took Cristina and her crew to Vancouver, Chicago and San Francisco, where she filmed the development process for both the Next Gen and Wii versions of the game. Chris Evans reprised his role as “The First Avenger” by voicing the role of “Captain America” for the game. “The Captain America: Super Soldier Trailer” premiered July 21, exclusively on Metacafe, garnering over 250,000 views within the first day of release. It can be seen here:…

For the “THOR” campaign, Cristina and her GIRL FACTORY crew began filming in Los Angeles, shooting at Liquid Entertainment to give gamers an in-depth look into the Next Gen development process. Soon after, they shot the VO sessions with Chris Hemsworth (“THOR”) and Tom Hiddleston (“LOKI”), lending their voices to the game. Cristina also interviewed both actors about the VO process.

Cristina got to spend some time with both Chris and Tom in San Diego, where they demo-ed an early version of “THOR: GOD OF THUNDER,” filming their first reactions to playing themselves in their iconic roles. Cristina and her crew then traveled to Austin, TX, for a sneak peek into the development process for the Wii version. The “THOR” Game Development and Voice Over trailers premiered exclusively on and To view, pls see:



Some of Cristina’s other work in the world of video game promotion includes directing the TV spots for THQ/Dreamworks highly anticipated “KUNG FU PANDA 2” and “DANCE PARADISE” video games. Please see

for more background on this leading video game promotional marketing company.

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