Kodak Wins Arbus Award at Annual Muse Celebration; New York Women In Film & Television Applaud Kodak's Support

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NEW YORK CITY - At the 28th Annual Muse Awards held yesterday at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Kodak became the first corporation to receive the prestigious Loreen Arbus Award for the company's support of female cinematographers. The award, given annually, recognizes the contributions of individuals or organizations that are proactive in ensuring equality for women in film, television or new media. The award was presented by New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) member Loreen Arbus, a successful and celebrated producer who established the accolade to recognize those who take action to effect change. "Kodak has long been a driving force behind giving opportunities and recognition to women cinematographers and others in the motion picture and television industries," said Terry Lawler, executive director of NYWIFT. "Kodak was nominated by its customers and chosen for this award because the company has done so much to create new opportunities for women in the business." Ann Turner, chief marketing officer of Kodak's Entertainment Imaging group, accepted the award on the company's behalf. "This award has special meaning for us," said Turner. "It provides recognition of what we've accomplished, but more importantly, it serves as a reminder of the responsibility we have -- not only to provide innovative products, but to support the imagination, the creativity, and the talent of those who use them. We're honored to continue to accept that responsibility." The award recognizes Kodak's leadership role in celebrating and providing recognition for the artistry, creativity, and accomplishments of women in the entertainment industry, especially the cinematographers who create the images and collaborate on the telling of the story. More than a dozen female cinematographers have been featured in Kodak's long-running On Film campaign, and the company has recognized other women in the industry through various advertising and promotional efforts. At Kodak's invitation, increasing numbers of female cinematographers are leading seminars, workshops, and panel discussions; or presenting their work and artistic techniques at major festivals, conferences, and other industry gatherings. "When we support women, we are really supporting those with the imagination and ability to bring us together, to make us better informed, to help keep us be entertained," added Turner. "Kodak's investment in them - and in organizations like NYWIFT that recognize them -- is really an investment in our collective future." With almost 2,000 members, NYWIFT is the preeminent entertainment industry organization for professional women in film, television and new media in New York City. A champion of women's rights, achievements, and points of view, it sponsors educational forums and other activities for women to share experiences, exchange information, and develop new resources. The Muse Awards, held annually, attract more than 1,000 industry leaders from all aspects of the entertainment industry. "By presenting this Arbus award to Kodak in recognition of the difference they continue to make," Lawler remarked, "we hope to also inspire others to follow the example they've set and to develop initiatives that help our industry and its female talent to continue to grow." For more information, visit


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