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Kodak Expands Online Store for Film School Students & Faculty

Kodak has expanded its online store for students and educators in the United States (

) who want to purchase motion picture film via the Internet. Kodak color and black-and-white camera negatives, as well as reversal films, are now available online in every format, at the 30 percent discount for the next generation and their mentors and institutions.

“Young filmmakers aspire to shoot on film, and today’s film schools understand the importance of teaching the art of filmmaking,” says Kodak’s Johanna Gravelle. “Film has been the capture medium of choice since the beginning of cinema. There is also a photographic discipline and understanding that forms the basic foundation of the craft when learning on film. By offering easy access to our wide range of stock choices, we hope the next generation of filmmakers will continue to express their creativity in new ways, and carry on the invaluable tradition of an art form.”

Since 2006, the Kodak Education Web site has been offering the educational filmmaking community online shopping capabilities for 16 mm and 8 mm products. Recently, Kodak’s 35 mm stocks were added to the store.

Visitors to the site can also find an array of tips and tools, filmmaking guides, and information about Kodak’s scholarships and competitions. The website also features links to workshops, news, and Kodak publications, which feature in-depth stories about the prolific professional community of film users, and how and why they choose film to tell their stories visually.

Additionally, students and educators can download several free Kodak apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android handheld devices. These mobile tools are designed to bring useful information to the fingertips of filmmakers regardless of where and when they are shooting.

“With the latest film technology in their cameras, filmmakers have the most advanced imaging science working for them to capture every gradation of light, darkness and color that they want to convey on the screen,” Gravelle adds.

Students and film school staff in the U.S. simply need to register for an account and use their institution’s email address to automatically receive the discount at checkout. Participating schools are listed on the site. Anyone whose establishment is not currently part of the program can easily submit a request to have their university or college added.

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