Kenneth Nakada Joins Frantic Films VFX

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Film Effects Veteran to Build Digital Mattes & Concepts Division; Company Heavily Recruiting Animators, Technical Directors and Effects Specialists to Fill Open Positions in Hollywood, Vancouver and Winnipeg Frantic Films VFX, a division of Prime Focus Group, announced the hire of Kenneth Nakada, one of the film industry’s leading matte painters and film effects designers. Nakada joins Frantic Films VFX on a wave of rapid expansion to spearhead the company’s new digital mattes & concepts division. Nakada joins Frantic Films VFX following a two-and-a-half year stint with Momentum/LookFX where he served as visual effects supervisor and designer, and oversaw the company’s digital environment team. He is currently painting environments for "City of Ember" and has recently designed on Frank Miller's "The Spirit." He has also just completed paintings for CIS Hollywood on "The Express," “Leatherheads,� and “Starship Dave.� While at Momentum/Look FX he supervised "Get Smart," “Las Vegas,� designed for “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," and supervised the matte paintings on “Pushing Daisies." Prior to LookFX, Nakada spent five years at RIOT, first as a senior matte painter, later as a VFX supervisor, and eventually becoming the company’s Director of Visual Effects. His stand out projects at RIOT include “Terminator 3,� “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,� "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," "The Scorpion King" and many other film, television, commercial and music video projects. Additionally, Nakada has freelanced creating matte paintings for studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, Stan Winston Digital, ESC Entertainment, Cinesite and Captive Audience on projects including "Apocalypto," "Van Helsing," "Peter Pan," "The Passion of the Christ," and “The Matrix Revolutions.� He got his start in matte painting and visual effects at Illusion Arts in Van Nuys, CA where he spent six years cutting his teeth on films such as “Star Trek: First Contact,� “Mask of Zorro,� “Stuart Little,� and “X-Men.� “His well-rounded background and skill set encompassing VFX shot design, on-set supervision, art direction and effects supervision, matte painting and photography make Nakada incredibly unique. He is the ideal candidate to take charge of this new division.� Said Chris Bond, co-founder, Frantic Films VFX. “He is an incredibly talented and accomplished artist, and his list of credits include some of the best films and television projects in the last decade—I am very excited to add him to our arsenal of talent!� “I was approached by several different companies, but Frantic Films VFX proved to be the perfect place for me to launch a new digital mattes & concepts division. The vision that I have for this highly specialized matte painting/virtual environment department is totally in line with the philosophies, priorities and work methodologies already employed at Frantic VFX,� explained Nakada. “When you specialize in building virtual environments, you need complimentary teams to help bring those environments to life. Frantic Films VFX has highly talented CG water, character and animation teams in place to provide a very synergistic fit.� As part of a company-wide expansion and the effort to build a digital mattes & concepts division, Frantic Films VFX is actively seeking to hire talented animators, lighting and rendering artists, particle specialists and technical directors for their Hollywood, Vancouver and Winnipeg offices. Interested parties may submit reels and resumes electronically via


About Frantic Films VFX

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, with offices in Vancouver and Los Angeles, Calif., Frantic Films VFX has been operating divisions that provide visual effects for film and television, and VFX software development since 1997. Frantic Films’ VFX award-winning visual effects teams have worked on films including Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer, Grindhouse, Superman Returns, X-Men 3, Poseidon and many others. The company’s software tools were developed to solve complex production challenges on in-house feature effects projects, and are also in use at many leading 3D animation and effects facilities worldwide. In November of 2007 Frantic Films VFX became a division of international post and VFX leader Prime Focus Group. For more information, visit




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