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San Francisco, CA – (March 12, 2008) -- Diversification is an essential part of the current production landscape and for kaboom this means offering clients access to production options. Operating in a classic mode, clients hire kaboom for its unique directorial talent and live action production acumen. But increasingly, clients also seek kaboom for its unique creative partnerships such as those showcased in the new campaign for Infineon Raceway. To view the campaign please visit:





When kaboom was approached by advertising agency Engine Company 1 (formerly Grant, Scott & Hurley) with a campaign for Infineon Raceway, executive producer lauren schwartz saw the project as a perfect opportunity to present a kaboom collective as a complete creative solution. “Clients come to us for our resources and sometimes that means packaging our talent to give the biggest results for the scope of the project,� says Owner/EP lauren schwartz. “We’ve always represented multi-faceted directors and this kind of project takes that one step further, tapping into a larger area of representation and collaboration.�

Performance and pacing are director/editor doug werby’s forte, making him the natural choice to helm and edit the project. DP joe meade – who is represented by kaboom for specialty projects – was ideal for capturing the visual sensibility of the campaign. This duo was joined by Designer/Director jory hull who united the images with high-energy graphics. werby, meade and hull worked hand-in-hand with the agency to produce a bombastic campaign that utilizes the street stylings of a poet, a DJ, a deaf fan who can “hear� the action and the often-disparate forces that come head-to-head to make the raceway an experience like no other. “When I saw the boards I immediately knew I wanted to direct the project,� says director werby. “They were so cool because they represented such a fresh way of promoting car racing. Then when I had a meeting with the agency and saw how creative they were it really reinforced my desire to be a part of the campaign. Add to that my collaboration with joe and jory, and it really was an ideal experience.�

“Due to the unique approach and the fast turn-around, assembling a team built on trust was key,� adds executive producer lauren schwartz, “For that reason we hand picked a group that shared a vision and enthusiasm for the campaign, and knew how to collaborate in a limber and strategic manner every step of the way.� CREDIT SHEET Client: Infineon Raceway Air Date: Beginning February 17th, 2008 Title of Spots: “Poet�, “DJ�, “Hands�, “Vs� Production Company: kaboom productions / San Francisco Director: doug werby DP: joe meade Executive Producer: lauren schwartz Producer: lauren schwartz Advertising Agency: Engine Company 1 (formerly Grant, Scott & Hurley / San Francisco) CD: Scott Aal / Grant Richards CW: Eamon Gilmartin AD: Jessica Bognar Exec Producer: Ben Latimer Account Executive: Jessica Liu Producer: Lauren Schwartz Editorial Company: kaboom productions / ballistic pictures, San Francisco Editor: doug werby Executive Producer: Lauren Schwartz VFX: Jory Hull Creative Director: Jory Hull Artists: Jory Hull Sound Design Company: Machinehead/Los Angeles Composer: Adam Schiff (Poet, Vs, Hands), Kip Smedley and Daniel Leseman (DJ) Executive Producer: Vicki Ordeshook Audio Post: Slate Run Productions Mixer: Jay Shilliday Postproduction: Ntropic /San Francisco Finish: Nate Robinson / Ntropic