JVC Adds Solid State Recording to its Renowned ProHD Camcorder Line

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New Docking Media Recorder Combines Solid State and Hard Disk Recording LAS VEGAS, NV (April 14, 2008) -- At NAB, JVC previews the next generation of file base recording that combines affordable solid state memory and long length hard disk recording. The MR-HD200U is a new camera-mounted media recorder that attaches directly to any of JVC's award winning ProHD 200 Series camcorders. The MR-HD200U records on non-proprietary Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) solid state memory, in a compact unit that can be permanently attached to JVC's ProHD cameras. “With steady price reductions of off-the-shelf memory cards, SDHC memory is no more expensive than Betacam SP tape on a per minute basis,� said Craig Yanagi, National Marketing Manager, Creation Products, JVC Professional Products Company. “Broadcasters can finally treat solid state memory as consumable media, in the same way tape has been in the past.�

A single 16GB SDHC memory card can store 1.6 hours in the 720p mode and approximately 1.2 hours in 1080i mode. The unit also features a built-in hard disk drive (HDD) for extended recording times of up to 10 hours. Recorded image is the same HD broadcast quality, whether recording on solid state memory or the hard disk drive. All recording is done in a swappable module that can be detached from the camera. Native File Recording The MR-HD200 records natively in a choice of QuickTime™ (.mov) format, or as MPEG2 transport stream files (.m2t). By recording files in an editing-friendly native format, postproduction can begin without file conversion, transcoding and rewrapping. The interchangeable module can be easily detached from the camera for editing from the built-in HDD. When using Apple's Final Cut Pro, editing can be done directly from the drive module, eliminating the time consuming process of transferring files into the computer. “With Native File Recording, JVC has established the industry's fastest and most efficient shoot-to-air workflow,� added Yanagi. “Best of all, since there is no transcoding, the quality of the original recording is maintained throughout the production chain—all the way to air.� The MR-HD200 is expected to be available in the 4th quarter of this year. For more information about JVC’s MR-HD200U, please visit JVC’s Web site at


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